On Sunday’s episode of “American Idol”, host Ryan Seacrest revealed the top eight singers from the top 12 that performed last week. Each of the top 16 performed once again for fan votes.

On the Monday episode, Ryan will reveal the top 10 vote getters; plus two more singers chosen by judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie.

On Monday morning, Luke Bryan announced that he has tested positive for the Covid-19 virus. Luke is at home and sitting in for him is Idol alum Paula Abdul.

Paula compared the top 16 to the Grammy’s Best New Artist.

With no further explanation, Ryan announced that Wyatt Pike has withdrawn for the competition.

Ryan reveals the top 10 singers in no particular order.

The first singer in the top 10 is Casey Bishop who performs “House of the Rising Sun”.

Colin Jamieson is in the danger zone and will have to sing for his life in hopes of earning one of the two judges choices. He sang “Waves”. Lionel said that Colin did exactly what he was supposed to do. Katy noted that Colin has grown so much; adding that all of his performances are like a celebration. Paula said that she enjoyed watching Colin because of his passion; adding that he made her smile.

Ryan revealed that the difference between votes with some of the singers was less than 900 votes.

Next up to learn their results was Deshawn Gonclves who has made it into the top 10. Donning a gold jacket, Deshawn took on the great Stevie Wonder with “Higher Ground”. He had Paula out of her seat dancing. It wasn’t long before Katy and Lionel were out of their seats too.

Cassandra Coleman is also in the top 10. She sang “Light On” by Maggie Rogers.

Caleb Kennedy is the next person to learn his fate. Normally seen wearing a hat, Ryan didn’t recognize him at first. Caleb chose an original song after learning that is in the top 10. The song “Nowhere” is one Caleb had started before his audition and has recently finished. Lionel said that Caleb has become a great songwriter. Paula called Caleb extremely talented.

Long time Idol alum Randy Jackson Facetimed Ryan on his ipad. He called all of the judges amazing.

Next week, Idol will broadcast live across the country with real time voting.

Madison Watkins is in danger and will have to sing for her life with “Hotline Bling” by Drake. Lionel said that it was very clear to him that she was singing for her career and put it all out on the floor. Katy noted that Madison came out and brought the light. Paula called Madison extraordinary; adding that her voice is like an old friend.

Next up is Ava August who is moving on to the top 10. The youngest singer in the competition at 15, she chose the Queen song “Love of My Life”. Lionel said that Ava makes him forget that she is 15; adding she sings like a long time pro. He said that she owned the song. Paula said that Ava leaves her speechless; adding that she reaches notes that don’t exist.

Luke sent a text message saying that he misses them and being sick stinks.

In the next results, Beane learns that he is in the danger zone. He sang “Grow as We Go” in hopes of earning one of the judges spots in the top 12. After bringing the judges to their feet, Lionel noted that Beane has grown into his artistry; adding that Beane gave a stellar performance. Saying there is only one Beane, Katy said that she is a card carrying “Beanie Baby”. Paula also admitted that she is a Beane fan; adding that he shines like a spotlight.

Chayce Beckham has earned a spot into the top 10. Singing his audition song; Chayce performed “What Brings Life Also Kills”. Katy said that Luke texted her saying, “dang I’m still not that cool”.

Ryan announced that in a two night event, the top 12 become nine and then on Monday 10 of the finalists from last season will return to perform live on the stage after having to perform from their homes last season and fans will vote one of them to join the lineup for this season to fill out the top 10.

Alyssa Wray is the next singer to learn her fate and will join the top 10. She chose to sing the Michael Masser and Linda Creed song “The Greatest Love of All” originally made a hit by George Benson. Alyssa chose to sing the Whitney Housston version of the song. Alyssas got a message from her idol Jennifer Hudson. Paula said that Alyssa looked like a pro. She advised Alyssa to pick songs that let her shine.

Next up was Alanis Sophia is not in the top 10 and will have to sing for her life with “Heart Attack” by Demi Lovato. Lionel wondered how Alanis could hear that news and then give such a performance. He told her not to judge herself or think while she is performing. Katy said that she uses her rejections to fuel her fire. An impressed Paula agreed with Lionel of don’t think, just sing; adding to give it her all.

And then there were four…

Willie Spence blew the house away with his performance on Sunday night and earned his way into the top 10. Willie’s choir room performance of “Diamonds” by Rihanna went viral back in 2017; tonight he performs it live for the first time. Willie had his fellow contestants and the judges on their feet during hs performance. Katy called Willie brilliant; adding that he has an old soul vibe.

Only Grace, Hunter, and Graham remain…

Grace Kinstler is moving on to the top 10. She chose to sing “Dangerous Woman” by Ariana Grande. Lionel said that Grace has an amazing attitude on stage; adding that it was an oh my god performance.

It’s down to Hunter and Graham…two great friends.

Hunter Metts is the final singer in the top 10 and sang the Bonnie Raitt song “I Can’t Make You Love Me”. Paula noted that Hunter’s vocals are very distinct; adding that she is a big fan. She noted that the whole night has been incredible.

In the final performance of the night, Graham Defranco sings for his life with “Cover Me Up” by Jason Isbell. Lionel asked Graham if he understood what he has done; adding that he is punching his way to the future. Katy said that she thinks Graham got very close; adding that she thinks he has finally taken flight. Paula called Graham’s voice so comforting; adding that it was like butter…so smooth.

After the judges deliberation…

Lionel announced that after a tough evening that Madison Watkins is moving on to join the top 10.

The final spot in the top 12 is….
Saying that based on tonight’s performance, Katy announced in a unanimous decision Beane is in the top 12.

Colin Jamieson, Alanis Sophia, and Graham Defranco has been eliminated from the competition.