It’s the final week of the Battle rounds on season 20 of “The Voice”.

Kelly and Nick have both used their save and their steal for this round. Blake still have his steal and John still has his save.

Team Legend gets the night of music started off with Deion Warren and Victor Solomon for “You Got it Bad” by Usher. John got Brandy to give him a little help in mentoring the singers. Nick said that the guys reminded why he had pushed for them in the blinds; adding that he loves both of them. Kelsea said that she felt like she was at a show. A happy coach, John called it a fantastic performance that was entertaining. John chose Victor as the winner of the battle.

Team Kelly, with a little help form Luis Fonsi, paired Anna Grace and Ainae for a battle of the Amy Winehouse song “”You Know I’m No Good”. Blake said that they did a great job. Nick said that hearing Ainae’s voice on a record would be fun. John enjoyed hearing them both. Kelsea noted that Kelly loves both of the girls. Kelsea named Anna Grace as the winner of the battle.

Nick got some help from Darren Criss with a pairing of Andrew Marshall and Raine Stern for a battle of “Adore You” by Harry Styles. John felt that Andrew was, “in the pocket”. Nick noted that this one was tough. He agreed with the other coaches that Andrew did a better job of the song. Saying that they both deserve to be there, Nick chose Raine as the winner of the battle. Blake used his steal on Andrew. There are no more steals for this round.

Blake paired up Savannah Chestnut and Pete Mroz for a battle of “Have a Little Faith in Me” by John Hyatt. Blake brought in Dan + Shay to help mentor his team. Blake noted that Pete was a great singer 25 years ago when they were in a band together and he is still a great singer. Blake chose Pete as the winner of the battle. Blake’s team is complete.

For her last pairing, Kelly chose JD Casper and Kenzie Wheeler for a battle of “Fishin’ in the Dark” by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. Blake noted that it was such a fun song to sing and stands the test of time. Nick said that Kenzie feels like he jumped out of a time machine; adding that JD is a wonderful artist. John noted htat both guys sound like they know who they are. Kelsea said that she enjoyed the performance. Kelsea named Kenzie as the winner of the battle. Kelly’s team is now full.

For his final pairing, Nick put Bradley Sinclair and Rachel Mac for a battle of “Your Song” by Sir Elton John. John called the performance beautiful; adding it was what music was supposed to feel like. Kelsea said that she wished Kelly could have felt the performance in the room. Nick said that they both just gave the best performance of the battle rounds. Saying that both of them were amazing and deserve to be in the competition, Nick chose Rachel as the winner of the battle.

In the final pairing of the battle rounds, John put Carolina Rial and Rio Doyle for a song he said that he has wanted to do on the show for a while – “Somebody I Used to Know” by Gotye and Kimbra. During rehearsals Brandy said that they sang from their souls and moved her. Kelsea called both singers incredible. Nick called both singers exceptional. John loved the confidence and composure of the teens. Saying that it was a tough decision, John chose Rio as the winner of the battle. John used his save on Carolina.

All the teams are full and the knock out rounds begin next week…with a big surprise super mentor!

Battle Round winners:
Team Kelly:
Ryleigh Modig
Avery Robertson – steal
Gihanna Zoe
Corey Ward
Savanna Woods – save
Anna Grace
Kenzie Wheeler

Team Legend:
Gean Garcia – steal
Pia Renee
Zania Make
Ciana Pelekai
Victor Solomon
Rio Doyle
Carolina Rial – save

Team Blake:
Connor Christian
Ethan Lively
Cam Anthony
Emma Caroline – save
Jordan Matthew Young
Andrew Marshall – steal
Pete Mroz

Team Nick:
Dana Monique
Devin Blake Jones – save
Jose Figueroa Jr
Keegan Ferrell – steal
Zae Romeo
Raine Stern
Rachel Mac