The top 24 artists have performed their solos and celebrity duets on “American Idol”. And now it is up to the fans to cast their votes and choose the top 16. One third of the singers will be sent home by the end of the show.

The top 24 performed over two nights. Host Ryan Seacrest will be announcing the top eight vote getters from each night.

The first singer moving on to the top 16 is Alyssa Wray who performs the Roberta Flack hit “Killing Me Softly with His Song”. Katy said that the performance was totally a vibe; adding that she was an actual artist. Agreeing with Katy, Luke called it a great song choice. Lionel noted that it was down ot confidence; adding that it was a stellar performance.

The next singer moving into the top 16 is survey pilot Graham Defranco who performed the Frank Sinatra song “That’s Life”. Luke noted that Graham is the guy who can’t believe he is here; adding that Graham has a timeless voice. Lionel noted that the crowd feeds off of Graham having fun. Katy said that Graham picked the best song for his voice; adding that he has an incredible voice.

The next singer moving on to the next round is Grace Kinstler who sang “Elastic Heart” by Sia. Standing, Lionel called Grace a force to be reckoned with; adding that she draws them into her performances. Katy noted that Grace can sing everything. Luke said that Grace has an amazing voice.

Ryan Seacrest named Alonis Sophia who chose to perform “The Story by Brandi Carlile. Katy thought it was a great song choice for her voice. Luke noted that it was a rangy song. Lionel wanted to know if they witnessed an explosion; adding that Alonis needs to learn how to work the stage.

The next singer into the top 16 is Willie Spence who sang “The Prayer” with Katherine McPhee for his duet last week. This week, Willie chose to sing the Adele song “Set Fire to the Rain”. Luke said that the coolest thing Willie did was suck them in. Lionel stood and said that God took control; adding that tit was close to a Donnie Hathaway, Luther Vandross moment and brilliant! Katy said that Willie was possessed in a Godly way.

Next in the top 16 is Deshawn Goncalves who took on the iconic “Feeling Good” and began the song A Cappella before playing the piano. He brought the judges to their feet with his performance. Lionel noted that the hardest thing for a singer is to open with a cold start; adding that he owned the piano as well. Katy said that Deshawn went to the next level with his performance. Luke said that Deshawn put it all together. Ryan asked if the 16 year old had any butterflies with that cold start. Deshawn said absolutely.

The next singer in the top 16 is street singer Wyatt Pike who sang the Kings of Leon song “Use Somebody”. Katy noted that Wyatt looked so nervous; adding that he is an authentic singer songwriter. Luke said that Wyatt is going to be able to do music for the rest of his life. Lionel noted that Wyatt has a style on stage that makes them want to watch; adding that Wyatt made the song his own. Katy wants to hear Wyatt sing something to make them cry. Wyatt said that he would like to do that.

The final singer from the top 12 on last Sunday night is Cassandra Coleman. She chose to sing the Chris Isaak hit “Wicked Game”. Luke said that her verses were incredible but needs to soar more on the choruses. Lionel noted that the key word is confidence; adding don’t concentrate, just sing. Katy said that she would love to see what would happen on a tour.

Alana, Cecil, Andrea, and Anilee have all been eliminated from the competition.

The first singer from the top 12 on Monday night’s performances is Caleb Kennedy. The 16 year old Country singer chose the Chris Stapleton song “Midnight Train to Memphis”. Lionel said that he is convinced Caleb has ice water in his veins; adding he gave a great performance. Katy noted that Caleb has a grit and is becoming an outlaw. Luke noted that Caleb has a course he wants to follow and is doing a great job.

Next up is rocker Colin Jamieson who chose to perform the Tears for Fears hit “Everybody Wants to Rule the World”. Colin had the audience clapping and dancing along. Katy said that Colin is an incredible vocalist. Luke noted that Colin was working the camera; adding that he “sang his butt off”. Lionel noted that it is called show business; adding that Colin was having fun on stage.

The next singer moving into the top 16 is Casey Bishop who sang the Soundgarden song “Black Hole Sun”. Luke noted that Casey can sing anything; adding her performance was impressive. Lionel said that it is fascinating to watch Casey; asking where is the extra pair of lungs. Katy called it the best performance from Casey so far.

Continuing to build the top 16, Madison Watkins is the next to perform. She chose “Gravity” by Sarah Bareilles. Lionel said that Madison gave a perfect presentation. Katy was surprised; saying that she was locked from the first few notes; adding it was her best performance. Luke said that Madison gave a flawless vocal performance.

Bean is lucky number 13 in the list of 16 singers. Beane chose to perform “Searching for a Feeling”. Katy said that Beane showed another side of himself. Luke noted that he thinks America wants to be entertained and Bean gave that to them. Lionel said that watching Beane perform is inviting.

The next singer moving to the top 16 is Hunter Metts performed “Skinny Love” by Bon Iver. Luke said that Hunter really dug in; adding no one sounds like Hunter. Lionel agreed with Luke. Katy said that Hunter gave them growl which was impressive.

Next into the top 16 is 15 year old Ava August who sang “2002” by Ann Marie. Lionel said that he is going to declare Ava 15 and dangerous. Katy reminded Ava that classic always turmps cool…and Ava is classic. Luke told Ava not to forget the classic and grace.

The final singer in the top 16 is Chayce Beckham who chose to sing “Waiting in Vain” by Bob Marley and Wailers. Chayce sat on a stool and played his guitar as he sang the classic raggae song. Katy said that Chayce checks all the boxes. Luke said that the count off was the coolest thing; adding he can deliver. Lionel said that if you can identify with real, then America will fall in love…and they did.

Jason, Mary Jo, Llahona, and Hannah have all been eliminated from the competition.

On Monday’s results show the top 12 will be revealed – 10 by fan vote and two selected by the judges.