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New Singles:

Amelia Moore

Cutting her chops in the church choir back in Georgia, singer songwriter Amelia Moore has released her new single “over my ex” – a song dealing with heartbreak and the rebound.

Speaking on the song Moore says, “‘over my ex’ is the most honest i’ve ever been with myself in my songwriting.  It’s easy to feel ashamed when you’re not over someone, but i hope my fans feel liberated when we all sing this together.”

 Touted as a one to watch, UP NEXT artist, and a DSCVR artist; Moore has appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live”, toured with Fletcher and Lolo Zouai, and has over 168 million music streams.      

Photo Credit: Katia Temkin


Whitney Miller

Multi-talented beauty queen, musician, and AMA fighter Whitney Miller has a new Country music single out “GoAhead & Make It”; along with the music video for the song.

Writing the song with Will Knaak, the project has been four years in the making and Miller says to, “turn the volume up and have some fun with it this summer.”


Having released a number of singles, Miller plans to release her debut album some time next year.

Miller is a former Miss Texas and Miss United States who has turned her talents to music, songwriting, and MMA fighting. Growing up in Texas, Miller has been writing songs since she was a child. She cites Patsy Cline, Hank Williams, Bonnie Raitt, Johnny Cash, Miranda Lambert, and Gretchen Wilson as her musical influences. She currently calls Nashville home.

Teo Glacier

The digital age has brought forth another trend in music…remixes and remakes of songs. 

Eighteen year old New Zealand Samoan Tep Glacier released his single “Close with Desires (Right Person Wrong Time) in May and has garnered over 27 million streams on Spotify alone.

He has just re-released the song, but this time around he has Vietnamese-American singer Thuy joining him on the song to add a whole ne dimension to the song of a conversation about a relationship on the rocks.

Glacier spoke on his musical journey thus far saying, “I never imagined myself signed to a label, especially one with the history of Capitol Records.  I still can’t really believe it to be honest. I’m waiting for someone to wake me up and ruin this dream. It’s a dream I had from the start but it was never a goal. It always felt too impossible to actually try and achieve something like this. To the 15-year-old boy stuck in quarantine making songs – anything is possible bro, cos we did it.”

Levi Riggs:
Levi Riggs is more than a Nashville musician and songwriter; he is also a farmer who understands the plight of many American in today’s society. His answer to those issues is the new single “Back in the Battle”.

Speaking on the new single, Briggs said, “there are a lot of people going facing some very difficult things in the world right now. Farmers across the country face rising fuel costs, soaring prices, and little relief in sight. There are folks who wonder where their next meal will come from and how they will support their families. It was important to record Back In The Battle’ to give people hope while giving them an internal jolt that giving up isn’t an option. We have to keep our head in the game and we will get through the rough times we are in. If you are one of those people, I hope this song brings you hope!”

On the heels of their performance at the annual Glastonbury Festiva the London dance band Joy Anonymous has released their new single “Head to the Sky” – summer song that features the group’s hard driving rhythms.

This year when they were not selling out shows, Joy Anonymous was collaborating with some of the biggest names in dance music including Fred Again… Jyoty, Skrillex, The Blessed Madonna, and Four Tet.

They have a few festival dates sets up this summer including a September trip across the pond to the United States and the Life is Beautiful Festival.

Joy Anonymous Festival dates:
Aug 12 at the Four Tet All Dayer in London’s Fisbury Park
Aug 26 at the Connect Music Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland
Sept 22 at the Life is Beautiful Festival in Las Vegas, NV

The electronic duo Gorgon City fro the United Kingdom has paired up with the Chicago duo DRAMA for the single “Lost & Found”. The song is the new single from Gorgon City’s upcoming album “Salvation” which is due out on July 21.

“Salvation” is currently available for pre-order.

This is not the first time that DRAMA – Na’el Shehade and Via Rosa – have collaborated together. Previously the released the single “You’ ve Done Enough”.

Electronic music artist Droeloe and Banji will release their new single “Landscape” on June 16.

“Landscape” is the prelude to Droeloe’s forthcoming debut album “The Art of Change”.

Droeloe is a multi-instrumentalist who melds pop, indie, and electronic music to create his own unique style of music.

He has worked with worked with Charli XCX and Illenium; as well as, has performed on the stage at Coachella and Lollapalooza.

Banji has opened for Vampire Weekend.

Five Times August – Brad Skistimas – has just signed a deal with Baste Records and has released his new single “Ain’t No Rock and Roll”.

The music is “his reflection on today’s society” about modern day topics. He is described as “the microphone for the government mandate weary”.







Appropriate for Pride month, “gentle folk” artist Hayfitz releases his new single “Delusional” – a song from his upcoming album “Everything Else Out” which is scheduled for an October 6 release.  The single is the beginning of his “personal queer journey”.

Hayfitz spent three weeks isolated in a cabin to record the album.

Collaborating with the very person the songs were about – Sam Cope – Hayfitz says, “’Delusional’ was actually originally going to be the title track for this record before Sam decided to be involved with the recording process. Since I wrote most of these songs when we weren’t in close touch, the songs had been taking on a very distant tone emotionally. But once he got involved Sam was adamant about it not being ‘Delusional’, which was such a reflection of how far we’d come as friends in this second go. On the final day of recording we decided the new album title would be ‘Everything Else’ an excerpt from the final song’s lyric ‘We’re not what I thought but we’re everything else’,  which to me is the most accurate sentiment about our friendship at present day.”

A true world artist, Hayfitz is based out of Los Angeles and Berlin.

Brian Seymour:
Americana artist and songwriter Brian Seymour has been making music for the past 20 years; but unlike many musicians, he comes at his craft from a little different direction.  Seymour has a doctorate degree in art history!

He has just released his new single “American Courage” – the title track from his upcoming album due out June 30.   Speaking on the song, Seymour said, “in these times, it is not easy to believe.  We know what to do, the song says, ‘love ain’t easy, but it’s everything’.  I wanted to make an understated video that might connect us all to the America that we live in and the struggle that we all share.  We dream America together, maybe this video can remind us of the promise of tomorrow.  Staging this video on the Art Museum steps was like returning home.   I did much of my dissertation research in the archives at the PMA and spent countless hours in the galleries.  I experienced a sense of unity and strength as both great passions came together, art and music.”

Kyle T. Hurley:
Kyle T. Hurley is a multi genre artist who has been living and working in London.  His new single “Kandyland” is a bluesy song from his upcoming album “Kyle T. Hurley IV” which is due out this fall.

Speaking on the new single Hurley says, “’Kandyland’ isa journey into the nightlife of Kiev when it was flourishing but through the eyes of the board game ‘Candyland’.  Mama Ginger Tree, Mr. Mint, and Queen Frostline – they were all there. Quite a time.”

The Hails

The Hails and Magic City Hippies join up for a remix of the song “Fiona” – a song inspired by musician Fiona Apple.

Currently The Hails are winding up a tour with only a handful of dates remaining.  Some of the dates are already sold out.

They will be releasing their debut album later this year.

The Hails tour dates:
May 18 at the 7th Street Entry  in Minneapolis, MN
May 19 at the Schubas Tavern in Chicago, IL
May 20 at the Memorial Union in Madison, WI
May 22 at the Funk ‘n Waffles in Syracuse, NY
May 24 at Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn, NY
May 27 at the Cascades Park Amphitheater in Tallahassee, FL

Miami’s Robbie Kingsley, Franco Solari, Dylan CmCue, Andre Escobar, and Zach Levy first played in high school but it wasn’t until they met up in Gainesville at the University of Florida that they became an official band.  After returning home to Miami; they released a few singles, an EP, and made the festival rounds.  Later this year, they will release their official debut full album.

Armed with a doctorate degree in Art History, Brian Seymour has traded in his pain brushes for a music staff and for the past 20 years has entertained audiences with his own style of music he calls  Alt-Americana.

Seymour has a new album – “American Courage” – scheduled for a June 30 release.  He has released a video for the title track of the album.

Can’t wait to hear the new album??? Catch Brian Seymour April 21 and 28 at Fergie’s Pub in Philadelphia beginning at 6pm.

Country Blues Rock artist Kyle T. Hurley is currently working in London.  He has just released his newest single “KandyLand” from his upcoming album “Kyle T. Hurley IV” some time in the Fall.

Speaking on the new song Hurley said, “’Kandyland’ is a journey into the nightlife of Kiev when it was flourishing but through the eyes of the boad game ‘Candyland’.  Mama Ginger Tree, Mr. Mint, and Queen Frostine – they wer all there.  Quite a time.”

American born artist Hayfitz currently calls Berlin home.  In preparation for the release of a new album later this year, Hayfitz is releasing a new single “Music Room” on April 28.

Hayfitz closed himself off from the world to create and record his upcoming album “Everything Else”; which is set for an October six release.

The album is a journey of identity, unrequited love, and friendship. 

For the past several years, Friday has been reserved for the release of new music around the world and this week several artists are releasing new singles.

Grammy award winning Jason Crabb joins Country music star Dylan Scott have paired up for the song “Good Morning Mercy”.

Crabb has already had a major hit with his original release of “Good Morning Mercy” on Christian radio; garnering millions of streams.

Crabb spoke on Dylan Scott’s performance saying, “Dylan has one of the best voices in country music today! I was blown away when I heard him singing ‘Good Morning Mercy’.  Now to get the chance to sing it with him is really exciting. Dylan and I have so much in common – we both share a deep love for Jesus, our amazing country, and we love our families. I just can’t wait for everyone to hear what we’ve got in store!”

Scott added, “it’s an honor to be apart of this song.  I’ve looked up to Jason Crabb for a long time and for him to ask me to do this with him is just an awesome moment for me” 

Scott and Crabb had a “chance meeting” when they met while Dylan Scott was heading to get his hair cut.

When Folk music songwriter Ellie Turner recorded her new album, she went old school…recording it live with everyone in the room at the same time.  The microphones even picked up the birds chirping outside the recording studio.

The album “When the Trouble’s All Done” will be released on March 24 but fans can get a taste of Turner’s “imperfect and real” and “stripped down to the core” recording style with the single “Daughter”.

“Daughter” is the third single from the upcoming album; following “The I Love You Song” and “One More Day”.

Rapper NF has a new single “Motto” from the upcoming album “Hope” which is due out April 7.  “Motto” is the second single from the album.  “Motto” is NF being NF as he takes on the current music industry in the song; where he touts “if ain’t broke, don’t fix it that’s my motto.”

“Hope” is NF’s fifth album and the follow up to the platinum selling album “The Search”.

NF’s global group of loyal fans has made him one of the Top 50 Most Streamed Rappers of All Time.  The Recording Industry Association of America has certified NF’s music at total of 39 times including 14 multi-platinum awards.

Ahead of the anticipated release of their second album “Little Garden” on June 30, the Alternate Rock band Dwellings releases the single “Devices”.

“Devices” is the first new music from Dwellings in over three years.

Dwellings’ singer Isaac Wilson spoke on “Devices” saying, “’Devices’ is about starting in a new place left with nothing except the things in your pockets and on your back. It’s about embarking on a journey to a new place and how the ups and downs affect your resolve.  There are hints of losing it and wanting to give up as well as lines of bravery and great respect towards the end goal.”

After being sidelined for several months as the result of a serious car accident, David Tucker returns with the new single “Water it Down” which reflects on the Country singer’s emotions and struggles during his recovery from the accident that nearly took his life.

Tucker spoke on the song saying, “for as much as this was a scary event that put both my career and life on pause, I think this song is just as much about the good that ultimately came out of the entire experience.  I really found my second wind artistically in the aftermath of the crash, and that time allowed me to write from a new perspective, reflect on everything I’ve gone through and realize how blessed I am to still be alive.” 

“Water it Down” is just the first of a number of singles Tucker has planned for a 2023 release.

Country music star Buddy Jewell is celebrating the 205h anniversary of his hit song “ Sweet Southern Comfort” with a new version of the song that includes fellow Country artists Clint Black, The Bellamy Brothers, and Marty Raybon.

Jewell spoke on the new release of the song saying, “I cannot believe it has been twenty years since “Sweet Southern Comfort” was released to country radio. To think that I would release it again twenty years later featuring my buddies Clint Black, Marty Raybon and The Bellamy Brothers makes it all come full circle!”

Clint Black continued, “I had the best time reuniting with my buddy, Buddy Jewell, to take comfort in this fantastic song.”

Marty Raybon also spoke on recording the song saying, “I’ve Loved this song since the very first time I heard it.  To Think I would get the chance to sing on a remix never crossed my mind.  To be included with a lineup of fellow road warriors is pretty special,” shared Marty Raybon. “It sounds great and I think everyone found the right place to sing. I’m a big Buddy Jewell fan. I know you’ll enjoy ‘Sweet Southern Comfort.’”

The Bellamy Brother concluded, “It was such a joy singing on the 20th-anniversary version of Buddy Jewell’s big hit ‘Sweet Southern Comfort’ and to be joined by Clint Black and Marty Raybon well, what more could you ask for.”

While not as well known as “American Idol” or “The Voice”, Country music had its own version of the competition singing show called “Nashville Star” where Buddy Jewell was the original winner of the show; beating out Miranda Lambert.  He has won numerous awards and has toured with the USO.

Marc Scibilia:
Western New York native Marc Scibilia followed in the footsteps of his father Rob and became a musician.  After the death of his father from cancer, Marc did what many musicians do…he wrote a song.

Scibilia noted that the death of his father “punctuated almost everything in mine.”  He added, “It was all before and after. I realized I had missed so much while being busy chasing dreams and other things and that in my next chapters I wanted to be more present to the people and moments around me.”  “The Life” is a reminder to Marc remind him of the promise to himself. 

“The Life” is set for a January 19 release.

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