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Former M Texas and Miss United States Whitney Miller has added to her list of accomplishments by releasing a new country music single – “Nobody” – A song about love gone wrong.


An MMA fighter and kickboxer commentator, Miller is changing directions and turning her hand to music.  She is looking to release an album some time this year.


Speaking on the single Miller says, “I was in a relationship where my ‘somebody’ had a ‘Nobody’…well, actually multiple Nobodys.  Unfortunately, I know that feeling is something too many of us can relate to and know the pain of being in relationships that we can’t fully trust. This song spotlights exactly that. We all deserve love. We all deserve honesty and my hope is that this song can bring support knowing that you aren’t the only one that has felt betrayed and unworthy of love. If I know anything at all from my personal experience, it’s that sometimes when your ‘somebody’ has a ‘Nobody’ you come out the other side stronger than before.”

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