The global pandemic has caused a great deal more than a respiratory disease attacking an infected person’s lungs.  It has also caused a great deal of anxiety among the surviving citizens including award winning international star Ricky Martin.

Unlike many people, Martin has found an outlet for that anxiety….his music.

The father of four noted that he has never been anxious; not even when he left his Puerto Rican home at age 12 to join the Latin American boy band Menudo.

For two weeks, Martin worked to help send personal protective gear and food stuffs to the citizens of his native land all while trying to hide his true feelings from his husband Jwan, mother, and children.

Martin said, I have seen things, I have lived, but this is a new level, this is a new monster and to top it all, it is invisible.”

He added, “I spent two weeks with a poker face so my family wouldn’t be affected, but finally I was able to raise my head and say ‘eh, something very good has to come out of this, get creative.’ And I started making music and it was my medicine, honestly, because I really felt like I was gasping for air.”

The result is a new six song EP of all Spanish music called “Pausa”.  With four news songs, the album features songs of romance…and even sadness.


Sting who sings in Spanish, Carla Morrison, Diego El Cigala, Pedro Capo, Residente, and Bad Bunny all appear on the album with Martin.

Like Martin, the album was recorded internationally in Paris, Puerto Rico, Los Angeles, the Dominican Republic, Miami, and New York.

“Pausa” is the first of a two part project that Martin had been working on over the past several months.  “Play” will be forthcoming at a later date.

In lockdown with a houseful, Martin notes, “many people are alone, many people are suffering. We are all living an overwhelming uncertainty, everyone. It’s OK not to feel OK and seek help.”

Martin hopes to go on tour with Fellow Latin American star Enrique Eglasias in the fall.

“Pausa” tracklist:
“Cae de Una”


feature photo credit: By Eva Rinaldi from Sydney, Australia – Ricky Martin SydneyUploaded by tm, CC BY-SA 2.0,