Musicians were born to make music, but events in the past few months have taken away many musicians ability to do just that.  As a result, artists are turning to alternative ways to continue making their music; whether it be live from home performances via Facebook, homemade music videos, or virtual collaborations with fellow musicians.

Some of these collaborations are being created and made available as charity songs.

One such song is “In This Together” by members of the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame with the proceeds going to the BMHOF Scholarship Fund.

BMHOF President Anthony Casuccio had an idea he posted on Facebook.  And like many ideas, it grew into a musical production.

Casuccio spoke on his idea saying, “I posted a simple idea asking for collaboration, the drum beat and chords, and a random group of all-star musicians responded.  Each player recorded the individual parts in their homes that helped bring this song to life, while I wrote the lyrics and added the guitar. In an era when musicians like to play live or huddle together in a recording studio, we were able to create that chemistry remotely.”

“In This Together” offers an uplifting message during a difficult time.  The song can be downloaded from Soundcloud at:  Proceeds from the donations for the song go to the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame Scholarship Program.

The musicians who have joined forces for “In This Together” are:
Gino Mirizio on drums
Nat Kalnitz on bass – a former BMHOF Scholarship recipient
BMHOF member Matt Young on organ
Zuri Appleby on vocals – has toured with Nick Jonas, NoMbe, PARTYNEXTSTORE,  Brent Faiyaz, and was scheduled to tour with Lizzo before tour plans were cancelled.
BMHOF member Bob Kinkle on piano – a founding member of Trans Siberian Orchestra
Three time Grammy Award nominee Anthony Casuccio on guitar; songwriter and proudcer

The Scholarship Fund is one of the programs offered by the BMHOF including providing music for seniors, songwriting scholarships, and educational support.

The Scholarship Fund offers high school seniors financial aid to further their musical endeavours; whether it be college, music camps, or expenses related to creating their music.  Recipients are also invited to participate in Hall of Fame musical events.

Buffalo Music Hall of Fame education coordinator Kim Burke spoke on past scholarship winners saying, “I continue to be greatly impressed by the accomplishments of the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame Scholarship candidates.  They are invested in their community, have been inspired deeply by music throughout their life, and are exceptional young musicians. It is exciting to see what the future holds for these remarkable individuals.”