Before his death in late March, Taylor Hawkins spent 20 years as the drummer for the rock band Foo Fighters.

TogethermenT Records has announced that they have released a five song EP called “The Sylvia Sessions” by the band Anyone.  The band lineup included a very young Taylor Hawkins on drums.  The 1993 recording has only been released as a demo tape.

A deluxe edition of the EP is also being released as an NFT Package that will include a video, photos, and liner notes.

Among the first ever NFT Package releases, the Glass Onyon says the album, “captures Hawkins in his youthful exuberance playing with the explosive attack that would ultimately make him a rock drumming legend.”

Hawkins, Riz Story, and Jon Davison formed Anyone in the 1980’s in Laguna Beach, California.  Davison went on to be a part of Yes and Hawkins became a part of the Foo Fighters.  Anyone released their debut album in 2000.

The tracklisting for “The Sylvia Sessions”:
“Peace Love & Toxic”
“Sister Someone”
“Dear Sylvia”