Much has been made this season over issues surrounding the number 23 car for 23XI Racing and its driver Bubba Wallace.  The only biracial driver in NASCAR, Wallace has been a polarizing driver with fans often taking opporsite sides when it comes to Wallace.

There have been several incidents this season on pit road involving the number 23 car with loose wheels, slow stops, and various other issues.

With driver of the number eleven Joe Gibbs Racing car a minority owner in 23XI, JGR has an alliance with 23XI and provides crew members for both the 23 and 45 cars.  On July 5, 23XI and JGR have made some changes in pit crews in hopes of repairing any further issues on pit road.

Beginning this week, ahead of the race at Atlanta Motor Speedway, the front tire changer Houston Stamper and tire carrier Joe Crossen from the JGR number 20 car driven by Christopher Bell will be moved to the 23 team.

Front tire changer Jackson Gibbs and tire carrier Nick McBeath will move over from the number 23 car to the number 20 car.  AJ Rosini will also be joining the number 20 pit crew.

Christopher Bell and Bubba Wallace earned their first wins last season but have yet to win a race this season.  Currently Christopher Bell holds the final spot in the field of 16 playoff drivers.