The Hard Rock Café has been supporting musicians and artists for many years including the Hard Rock Calling that brought new, up and coming, and local talent to the spotlight.

Now the HRC has partnered with the Playing for Change Foundation for Undiscovered to focus on local talent from artists around the world.

Playing for Change has been created to unify the world through music.  PFC has brought together youth in diverse communities with programs in 13 different countries.

Beginning May 12, the HRC will feature undiscovered talent over the next 50 days to close out a year long celebration of the Hard Rock Café’s 50th anniversary.

Hard Rock Café 50 Days of Music with Playing for Change:
May 12  Don Vito in Barcelona, Spain
May 12 Ethan & Joey in Cincinnati, OH
May 13 Gracie Grace and All the Good Boy in Boston, MA
May 14 Ferro Miami in Miami, FL
May 14 Ceci Leon in Miami, FL
May 14 The Sully Band in Hollywood, CA
May 18 Two Sparks in Paris, France
May 20 Bikram Sambat in Kathmandu, Nepal
May 20 Lucia M. Flores, Abigail Neilson, Lady A N Roz, Billy Brandt, and Aline & Wes in Seattle, WA
May 20 Aftyn in Philadelphia, PA
May 21 Remyz in Miami, FL
May 24 James Walsh in London, UK
May 26 Malavida in Barcelona, Spain
May 26 The Matt Farley Project, Joanna Yaegaer, and Carl Wockner in Nashville, TN
May 26 Partick Kennison and Nikki Stringfield in Hollywood, CA
May 27 Retro Fit and the Playing for Change Band in Hollywood, CA
May 28 Terrasana in San Francisco, CA
May 28 the Claudiu Mirea Band in Bucharest, Romania
May 31 Jamie Lynn Vessels in New Orleans, LA
June 1 Ike Kanakanui, Just George, and Brian Roberts in Key West, FL
June 2 Retro Live in Prague, Czech Republic
June 3 Laela Giovanna in Philadelphia, PA
June 3 Matilda in Bali
June 4 Holy Alpha in Johannesburg, South Africa
June 6 Brandon Lewis in Memphis, TN
June 8 The Now in London, UK
June 9 Dardan in Cologne, Germany
June 10 The Complements in San Francisco, CA
June 10 Camille K in Philadelphia, PA
June 11 Andi & Band in Bucharest, Romania
June 13 Kato in Memphis, TN
June 14 the Adam Pearce Trio in New Orleans, LA
June 14 Kaiki in Tokyo, Japan
June 15 Eyal in Paris, France
June 16 CC & the Boys, The Memberberries, and Midnight Jack in New York City, NY
June 17 Modjordio in Bali
June 18 Rusted Soul, Misty Eyed, and Ashes to Omens in Atlanta, GA
June 20 Jessica Ray in Memphis, TN
June 24 the Giuseppe Scarpato Hillside Power Trio in Florence, Italy
June 28 Four Way Stop in New Orleans, LA
June 30 Los Pinguos in Hollywood, CA
June 30 Trace Repeat in San Francisco, CA