“American Idol” returns for a second week of auditions.

The night begins with a beautiful rendition of “Golden Slumbers” that had the judges saying all together that she was going to Hollywood. The show didn’t show the girl’s name.

Siblings Llahona and Ammon Olayan performed an original song. The two hail from Hawaii and are the oldest of eight children. Lionel liked what they did. Luke said that they complimented each other. Katy called them incredible songwriters and talented beyond belief. They both got three yeses from the judges.

Dressed as Thor, Anthony Guzman sang “Cry Me a River” and threw the judges curve. Lionel said that Anthony can seriously sing, so now it is time for Anthony to take himself serious. With a no vote from Luke, Anthony got his ticket to Hollywood.

Country girl Hannah Everhart sang “Wayfaring Stranger” for her audition. Luke stopped her and told her not to keep checking out the judges’ reactions. After saying that she had originally planned to sing “At Last”, Katy asked to hear her sing it. Luke said that Hannah is very close to being an amazing singer; adding that he is going to push her to be her best. Katy said that Hannah is no longer allowed to play it safe. Lionel said that Hannah is sitting on a gold mine, but needs to bring it. Hannah got her ticket to Hollywood.

Mississippi Delta native Calvin Upshaw is looking to turn his life around and provide for his family…and it begins with his audition. Lionel noted that the crack in Calvin’s voice was an emotional one. He broke down during the audition. Katy told him it was a new day. Calvin got three yeses and his ticket to Hollywood.

Luke and Lionel go golf cart racing in Ohai, California. Luke won the race.

Florida native Casey Bishop chose to sing a Motley Crue song a cappella for her audition. The judges noted that it was a first on the show. Katy wanted to hear some Ella Fitzgerald but Casey sang a Sarah Vaughan song instead. Lionel said that he would love for Casey to appreciate rock but sing like she just did. Luke has Casey in the top 10 already; adding that he thinks she is the winner. Katy said that Casey is really really good. Casey has never performed live before. Casey got three yeses and a ticket to Hollywood.

Cuban native Yurisbel calls Miami home and is looking to be the next big Latin music star like Pitbull, whose song he chose for his audition. Katy called him the Latin Luke. Lionel called it the best workout – they were dancing along. Katy called it fun and Luke said that it was awesome. Lionel called it so much fun. Katy siad that he would stir up the competition. Saying she wanted to say yes but said no, Luke and Lionel gave Yurisbel his ticket to Hollywood. Katy said that he sounded like a Cuban Cookie Monster.

Chayce Beckham had Luke clapping even before the song was over. Chayce performs with a reggae band. Lionel said that he loved what Chayce did and knew it was real. Luke said that Chayce is what the show is all about; adding Chayce had him with the first note. Katy called Chayce a top five. Chayce got three yeses and a ticket to Hollywood.

Ace Stiles gave performed an original song for her audition. Now 16, Ace decided at 14 that he was a boy. Katy said that Ace was doing great and would get better and better. Luke was concerned about the quietness of Ace’s voice; adding that he isn’t quite ready for Idol. Katy said that Ace has an interesting voice and worth investigating. Lionel gave Ace a yes but Katy and Luke said no.

Cassandra Coleman performs online and has never performed live before an audience. Luke and Katy loved the performance. Lionel said that the performance was about as angelic as it was going to get. Luke said that he got caught up in the moment. Asked if she was a musician, Lionel wanted to hear Cassandra on the piano. Luke said that Cassandra is her own voice with no one like her. She got three yeses and a ticket to Hollywood.

In the final audition of the night, Georgia native Willie Spence is hoping to turn his passion for singing into something more. He sang the Rhianna song “Diamonds” for his audition and brought Lionel to his feet yelling yes yes yes. Luke called him a special individual; adding that he didn’t want it to end. Lionel kept saying unbelievable. Lionel said that Willie is what they have been looking for; adding that he had chills on the first note. Willie got his ticket to Hollywood.

Next week the auditions continue…