A number of years ago, the Recording Academy made some major changes in how they listed the categories in the Grammy Awards and dropped the list from 110 to 79 categories. After some controversy surrounding the new listings, the Academy made some more changes and added five more for a total of 84.

In recent months The Academy has been seeking to give more modern and inclusive names to some of its categories in the urban music genre.

The Recording Academy is once again making some changes but this time it isn’t to add or subtract categories; but to rename one of them to create a more inclusive environment for the music.

What has been known as the category for Best World Music Album will now be known as the Best Global Album. The Recording Academy noted that the change would reflect “a more relevant, modern, and inclusive term”. Adding that the name, “symbolizes a departure from the connotations of colonialism, folk and ‘non-American’ that the former term embodied. As we continue to embrace a truly global mindset, we update our language to reflect a more appropriate categorization that seeks to engage and celebrate the current scope of music from around the world.”

Previous winners in the World/Global music category include Angelique Kidjo, the Soweto Gospel Choir, and Ladysmith Black Mambazo