This week on “American Idol” the top 10 becomes the top seven, just one week shy of the grand finale.

This week many of the performances were prerecorded.

To salute mother’s and Mother’s Day, this week’s theme is the Disney Songbook as the singers continue to perform from their homes.

This week in honour of Disney Week, Katy is dressed a “Jumbo” – Dumbo’s mother and she has a baby elephant in her arms – her dog in a costume.


The first person moving on to the top seven is Arthur Gunn.  Arthur chose “Kiss the Girl” from “The Little Mermaid”.  Katy noted that Arthur seemed very relaxed.  Luke noted that Arthur has become a potential massive star.  Lionel noted that Arthur puts his own stamp on every song.

The next singer in the top seven is Just Sam who sings “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes” from “Cinderella”.  After congratulating Sam, Luke said that she did a great job.  Lionel noted that Sam is their kid who has grown up right in front of them; adding that she is a star.  Katy loves Disney week, said that Sam is already a star.

Next up moving on to the top seven is Jonny West with “Almost There” from “The Princess and the Frog”.  Lionel called Jonny their casual assassin; adding that he is so effortless.  Katy called him a mix of Randy Newman, Billy Joel and Paul Simon; adding that he picked the right song and stayed true to himself.  Luke noted that Disney week forces people down a path they don’t normally go.

Also moving on to the top seven is Louis Knight.  Louis was mobbed by his family after the news.  He sang “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” from “The Lion King”.  Katy said that Niall Horan better watch out; adding that he is going to be a massive star and look back on this moment.  Luke loved the tenderness of the performance; adding that Louis has a great future.  Lionel noted how difficult it is to perform solo with no audience.

Also moving on to the top seven is Julia Gargano who calls it insane.  She sings the title track from “Beauty and the Beast”.  Luke thought the song was a bit low.  Lionel noted that Julia’s low register needed a bit more work but he mid and highs were great.  Katy said that Julia has a gorgeous voice; adding she loved the arrangement but agreed with the guys on her voice.

The next singer moving on to the top seven is Francisco Martin who got cheers from the judges.  Francisco sings “You’ll Be in My Heart” from “Tarzan”.  Lionel said that they were witnessing the transition of Francisco; adding they loved to see the emotion.  Katy called the performance amazing; adding he showed the confidence and was spot on with his performance.  Luke said that Francisco did a great job; adding that he was king of the jungle.

And the final singer in the top seven goes to Dillon James.  Dillon said that they were going to give him a heart attack; adding that he was speechless.

With Dillon taking the final spot, Jovin Webb, Sophia James, Grace Leer, and Makayla Phillips have all been eliminated.

Dillon sang “Our Town” from “Cars”.  Katy said that Dillon took everything they said last week and applied it magnificently.  Luke noted that the performance had dynamics and emotion in the performance and felt great from top to bottom.  Lionel called Dillon a storyteller and a true artist.

Last year’s Idol winner Laine Hardy returns to Idol to perform “Life is a Highway” from “Cars”.  Laine will return next week for the grand finale.

With only seven singers moving on, they all sing two songs with the second round a Mother’s Day dedication.

Katy gets out of her costume for the second half of the showing off her baby bump; adding that the baby is kicking; especially during the performances.

Up first with his Mother’s Day dedication is Arthur with “Hey, Ma” by Bon Iver.  Luke noted that the high part of Arthur’s voice was done so well; adding it was a great performance.  Lionel said that Arthur could sing the phone book; adding no matter what he sings, it’s Arthur Gunn.  Katy called the performance beautiful; adding that Arthur makes her think he is a professional touring artist.

While this season is winding down, Idol is already promoting the submission of auditions for the next season at

Cynthia Erivo, Lauren Daigle, Rascal Flatts, judge Katy Perry, and judge Luke Bryan are all performing next week.  One of the singers…and co-writers…of “We are the World”, Lionel will be performing the song on the grand finale next week.

Just Sam returns with a dedication to her grandmother and “I Turn to You” by Christina Aguilera.  Lionel called Sam the angel of the group; adding that it is just one step closer to being Sam the star.  Katy said that Sam has shown incredible growth.  Luke noted that Sam has so many tools and left a forever mark on them; adding that she is an inspiration to the little girls out there.

Jonny West gave his dedication to his mother and sang his own version of “Amazing Grace” that included some original verses.  Jonny headed home to surprise his mom and gave his performance from his parent’s home.  Katy called Jonny original and talented; adding that she is 100 percent sold.  Luke noted that the added lyrics were great; adding that he has songwriting talent.  Lionel called Jonny a songwriter; noting that writing an “Amazing Grace” mother’s day verse might be difficult even for him.

Louis Knight returns with a dedication to his mom and him mom’s favourite song “You’ve Got a Friend” by Carole King and James Taylor.  Lionel kept saying, “way to go”.  Luke wanted more dynamics on his Disney performance and he heard them all of that song; adding it was his best so far.  After wishing his mother a Happy Mother’s Day, Lionel said that it way exactly what Louis needed to do.  Louis made Katy cry; saying it was one of his best performances ever.

Julia Gargano dedicates her performance of “Sweetest Devotion” by Adele to her mom. An emotional Katy, said that when the moms cry, she cries.  Katy called it a fantastic launching pad for Julia.  Luke said that Julia owned the performance.  Lionel said that it was probably the first time Julia delivered the song and was in the moment.

Francisco Martin gives a dedication to his mom for Mother’s Day…and her birthday…by cooking breakfast.  His mom is a nurse working on the frontlines.  Francisco performed “River” by Leon Bridges.  Katy said that Francisco has grown even more from his first performance to this one;  adding it was soulful and real.  Luke said that Francisco’s performance was better than the original; adding he would buy the song right now.  Lionel loved that the confidence was front and center; adding Francisco has a career.

Closing out the night of performances is Dillon James with a dedication to his mom and a performance of “Hang On. Hang On” by Amos Lee.  Luke noted that Dillon gave a great performance; adding that he will go far.  Lionel noted that there are kids out there struggling like Dillon did and he is an inspiration to them.  An emotional Katy noted that Dillon had come from a dark place but is much lighter now.

Next week it all comes to an end with the grand finale and the crowning of the new “American Idol”.