It’s night two of Hollywood Week on “American Idol” and more surprises are in store for the singers.

In seasons past the singers had to go through the treacherous group round; but surprise surprise, for an Idol first the singers will have to perform duets.

Unlike the genre round where the singers get no feedback from the judges, this time the singers will get their results after they perform.

The judges point out that with the group performances the singers only had to learn a little piece of a song but with the duets the singers had to not only learn more of the song, they also had to showcase their personalities and make a connection. Song choice was also an issue for some of the duos.

Madison and Peyton had a shaky performance; Peyton apologized for his part and told the judges that Madison should be given a second chance. After a short discussion, the judges decided to give both singers a second chance.

Tito and Robert put on a very passionate performance that was filled with vocal gymnastics and lots of high notes but Lionel announced that only Robert will be moving on to the next round.

On Monday, the singers have one final chance to impress the judges.