The singers have all gathered in California for Hollywood Week on “American Idol”; but it’s nothing like they have ever seen before as the judges work to find the top singers to earn fan votes.

For the first time in Idol history the judges will see all 167 singers before the judges make any decisions.

First up, they must pick a genre and then choose a song as they sing for their life.

First up is the singer-songwriter group. During his performance, Katy screamed to hear more from Nepal native Arthur.

Not surprisingly, the largest group was the pop genre. Other genres include R&B and Country. When R&B singer Just Sam performed, she brought her “lucky box” that she uses on the trains and after she sang, the judges put money in her box.

Upon learning that the judges would be listening to all 167 singers, Luke asked if they were violating some kind of labour law.

When Amber Fielder auditioned for Idol she was nine months pregnant; she returns in Hollywood Week three weeks after having the baby.

Garbage man Doug, teased the judges by starting the wrong song before performing “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” and had the crowd clapping along. In deliberations, the judges had mixed reviews. Doug didn’t make it through to the next round; but he wasn’t alone.

Next week it’s the group round…and more surprises.