As the blind auditions conclude on “The Voice” Blake, Kelly, and Nick all have eight singers on their teams; while John has seven. This season, the teams will have only 10 singers instead of the 12 from previous seasons.

But before the singing hopefuls take the stage to sing for the coaches, the coaches themselves take the stage for a performance of Nick’s hit song “Jealous”.

Born in Japan, Micha Iverson performed karaoke as a child but didn’t come to music until he came to the U.S. and college. Kelly was the first coach to turn her chair, Nick and Blake pushed their buttons together near the end of the song. Kelly loved Micah’s voice and was very excited when Micah said that she was one of her influences. Nick pointed out that he grew up listening to the same things Micah did. John said that he regrets not turning his chair. Blake admitted to not knowing the names or genres they were talking about – emo, Switchfoot, Jimmy Eats World, Dashboard Confessional – but said that it doesn’t matter because he has won the song six times. After the coaches battling it out, Micah chose Kelly to be his coach and is the first guy to be on her team.

Brittney Allen has been taking singing lessons since she was 10 years old. After saying that he was looking for somebody special, John was the only coach who pushed his button for Brittney. Kelly said that Brittney had a great head voice. Nick noted that he is down to the last couple of spots; adding that he is being selective but Brittney did great. John said that he is excited to coach Brittney.

Blake said that he is looking for someone who can blow the roof off the place.

Tracey Preston hails from Philadelphia where she sang in church. She currently performs with Vivian Green. While Tracey put on a show, she failed to turn any chairs. Nick said that there were some impressive moments. Saying that she is almost full, Kelly said that Tracey was incredible and told her to come back.

Cam Spinks comes from rural Alabama where he grew up on a farm and in the woods. A full time musician, he is looking to take his career to the next step. Cam had to wait a while before Blake finally pushed his button; followed by Kelly. Kelly said that Cam gave her the vibe of country music that she grew up on. Blake noted that he heard a lot of different things in Cam’s voice. Cam chose Blake to be his coach.

Canadian born Anders Drerup has played music on five of the seven continents. He performed a reggae version of the the Elvis hit “I Can’t Help Falling in Love” and got Nick to turn his chair. Nick noted that they can have a lot of fun with the song selections.

Nick is looking for someone he can collaborate with to fill his final spot.

Latina singer Mandi Castillo chose to sing her audition in Spanish. While Kelly loves Spanish singers, it was Nick who turned his chair first with Kelly following. John and Blake make it a four chair turn at the end of the song. Nick got emotional when he was making his comments; he said that Mandi is in a lane all her own. Kelly said that it was everything it should be for a blind audition. Blake said that Mandi’s vocal talent was unbelievable. John said that he is a fan of Mandi’s singing; adding that it was a magical performance. Kelly tried to bribe Mandi with a jacket, but Mandi said that she was going with her gut and chose John to be her coach.

Oklahoma native Kailey Abel is a worship leader but enjoys singing a variety of musical styles. After listening for a bit, Blake turned his chair and became the first coach to fill his team. Blake said she has an incredible voice. Kelly said that she has a cool texture to her voice. Blake said that he would bet the farm on Kailey winning the competition.

Blake said that he has the winner on his team.

Host Carson Daly surprised personal trainer Tyrone Perkins loves the style of Tony Bennet and Frank Sinatra and wants to bring those days back. At 68 he is the oldest person to ever be on “The Voice”. But he failed to turn any of the coache’s chairs. John said the song was fun but he wasn’t sure how to work with that. Kelly said that Tyrone looked very sharp.

Gigi Hess has been singing solo and with groups but is looking to take her musical career to the next step. It didn’t take long for Kelly to turn her chair and completes her team as the only coach to turn her chair. Nick said that Kelly is the perfect fit for Gigi. John suggested a little restraint on the riffs and runs.

Music teacher and professional musician Kevin Farris is looking for the next step. Playing to the audience and being himself peaked John’s interest enough to turn his chair, but it took a while before Nick pushed his button too. John said that he felt the love of music in Kevin’s performance. Nick called it a phenomenal performance; adding that Kevin’s voice blew him away. Nick joined Kevin on stage for a little jam. John was hoping that Kevin would break the mold and got with him instead of Nick. Telling John that he would love to go out to a beer with him, Kevin chose Nick to be his coach.

Nick’s team is full; John is the only coach with an open spot.

Allison Grace works in marketing by day and gigs at night. Her performance of the Noah Jones song “Don’t Know Why” didn’t impress John enough to turn his chair. John said that he didn’t hear enough power in the song. Nick encouraged her to write her own songs to fit her voice.

Cedrice has been singing for only three years after discovering how freeing it was to perform on stage. She chose to perform her own version of “Fever” for her audition. Cedrice had to wait for a bit before John turned his chair to fill his team. Kelly was itching to turn her chair but has a full team; she kept saying oh my god. The other coaches were getting up to see who was singing. Kelly called Cedrice sexy; adding that she was so mad. Kelly said that she was fantastic with passion and fire. Nick said that Cedrice’s voice was electrifying and has all the right things to go far in the competition. Blake said that he was so happy for Cedrice; adding that it was meant to be for John to get her. John said that no one else sounds like her and approached the song with everything she needed; adding that she is very special.

Next week the battles begin…

The Teams:
Team Blake:

Levi Watkins
Todd Michael Hall
Todd Tilghman
Toneisha Harris
Joei Fulco
Jamal Corrie
Jon Mullins
Jacob Daniel Murphy
Cam Spinks
Kailey Abel

Team Kelly:
Megan Danielle
Tayler Green
Sara Collins
Samantha Howell
Anaya Cheyenne
Mandi Thomas
Micah Iverson
Gigi Hess

Team Legend:
Darious Lyles
Nelson Cade, III
Zach Day
Thunderstorm Artis
Zan Fiskum
Mike Jerel
Brittney Allen
Mandi Castillo

Team Nick:
Arei Moon
Joanna Serenko
Tate Brusa
Allegra Miles
Samuel Wilco
Jacob Miller
Roderick Chambers
Michael Williams
Anders Drerup
Kevin Harris