In a two night event, “American Idol” concludes the 2020 edition of the auditions.

Getting things started in Oregon, Robert Taylor III plays the piano as he sings and amazed the judges. Growing up in the church, Robert felt that he could never by himself; but now he has come out of his shadow fulfilling a a dream of his father’s by being on the show. Katy said that now it is time for Robert to figure out what kind of artist he wants to be and he can begin with a trip to Hollywood week.

Jafar Hurambi put on a full performance. Katy noted that Jafar’s singing wasn’t as good as his dancing and gave him a no.

Grace Leer made it to the top 20 of “American Juniors” when she was eleven; after spending some time being a “normal” kid, she has returned to music and impressed the judges. Luke said that Grace was easy to listen to, Katy called Grace instantly recognizable. Grace got three yeses and a ticket to Hollywood.

School of Rock teacher Franklin Boone earned some applause from the judges. Luke said that he saw recording artist from Franklin. Katy said that Franklin could win the show. Franklin got his ticket to Hollywood.

Luke Stafford brought his saxophone to his audition. Lionel was impressed with the sax but Luke got three nos from the judges on his singing.

Church singer Roselyn Carter was born and raised in Watts and is looking to show that there is a way out. Lionel was knocked out but Katy wanted to hear more saying that Roselyn took them to church, so now take them to the Staples Center. Lionel said that is what you call natural talent; adding that he was moved. Luke agreed that the audition was moving. Katy said that Roselyn embodies what Idol is all about. Giving Roselyn a cheer, she got her ticket to Hollywood.

Katy wants to hold auditions on a boat, since it is so beautiful in Washington, DC. Megan Knight is the first singer to audition on a boat for “American Idol”. Luke said that she had a great voice; adding that she could use a little coaching. In the boat vote, Megan got her ticket to Hollywood. Katy has to re-enact a scene from “Titanic”

Back in the audition room…Lionel finds someone else in his seat and pretends to be an auditioner with “Hello”. Gilberto River joined Lionel before singing “Proud Mary” for the judges dressed in a rainbow top and red stiletto boots. After telling his watch that he was ok, Lionel said that in a world of uniqueness, Gilberto is unique. Lionel thought that Gilberto is theatrical. Katy said that he needs to take himself and his voice more seriously. Questioning whether he is for Idol, Lionel said no but Luke gave Gilberto a yes and he got his ticket ot Hollywood.

Justin Oliver chose a Bruno Mars song – “Treasure” – with the man who wrote the song playing the piano. Fred said technically it was great but the singer needed more energy. Luke said vocally it didn’t get all there. Lionel felt that Justin’s vocals lacked a bit. Justin got three nos from the judges.

After some clips of no votes, Aliana Jester brought her dog into the audition with her. Katy said that Aliana has an incredible gift. Luke called her a special singer. Lionel called her a star; adding that Aliana reminds him of a young Whtiney. Aliana got her ticket to Hollywood.

Jamaica native and busker Jahzan, first sang with her mother and Lionel said that they had the vibe. After Jahzan sang on her own, Katy said that she did great; adding that her voice was a mix of Tony Braxton, Cher, and Shakira. Luke noted that Jahzan had a unique voice. Lionel invited mom to stand next to her daughter, and told them that Jahzan gets her ticket to Hollywood.

Jordan Moyes gave Katy chill bumps with his audition. Luke said that the audition screams massive songwriter. Katy loved his guitar player. Lionel called the performance very fresh. Jordan got his ticket to Hollywood.

Demi Rae wrote in a journal at age nine that it was her dream to be on “American Idol”; and now she is there to audition for the show. Katy asked if Demi had ever tried to perused a music career and when Demi said no; the judges asked why at the same time. Luke said that Demi has a natural cry and a great voice. Demi got three yeses and her ticket to Hollywood – Katy put the ticket inside her journal.

While the judges were roasting marshmellows, Nash sang “Shoulda Been a Cowboy” with Luke joining in. Katy liked the mullet but questioned the singing. Nash got a little singing lesson from Luke. Lionel said no but to work on it and come back strong.

Seventeen year old Makayla Brownlee hails from the wheat capital of America and chose a Dixie Chicks song for her audition. Katy said that she has a really good voice on her but told her to enunciate more. Lionel loved the yodel cry, calling it her signature. Noting that they have a lot of Country singing girls this year but Luke is anxious to see her fight it out with them. She gets her ticket to Hollywood.

In the final audition of the season, a very pregnant Amber Fiedler revealed that she has put the baby up for adoption before she sang an Etta James song for her audition. Luke said that Amber has a timeless sound and easy to listen to. Katy said that she has a big shot at going very far. Lionel said that she nailed it. Amber got three yeses and her ticket to Hollywood.

Tomorrow a new Hollywood week begins with challenges never seen before.