It’s week three of the auditions on “American Idol” with more singing hopefuls trying to get their golden ticket to Hollywood.

Over the past two weeks, the judges – Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie – have encountered some good singers, not so good singers, and a gas leak on the way to collecting the newest group of singers to take to Hollywood.

This week’s auditions begin in Savannah with Kimmy Gabriela singing a One Republic song. Lionel called the performance fabulous. Of Latin heritage, Katy asked Kimmy to sing in Spanish and then told Kimmy that she was top 10. Luke said it was a yet from the first note. Kimmy got her ticket to Hollywood.

Katy revealed that boyfriend Orlando Bloom asked her to marry him on a helicopter…and she said yes.

Amelia sang “Yesterday” and played the piano for her audition. Katy called the performance a dream. She got her ticket to Hollywood

Erin Kirby sang a song that had Katy saying she didn’t like it, but loved it and a ticket to Hollywood.

jordan jones played the piano and sang; then he proposed to his girlfriend. She said yes!…and a ticket ot Hollywood

Lauren Mascitti brought her fiancee songwriter Sean to help out for her audition of an original song. Katy called the performance very moving. Saying that he is a sucker for a good songwriter, Lionel liked the silky mood of her storytelling. Lauren got three yeses and a ticket to Hollywood.

Country music DJ and podcast host Ryan Harmon did an original song – one he hopes will be on Luke’s next album – for his audition. Luke asked if Ryan ever thought of moving to Nashville. Ryan said he had. Luke said that Ryan had a good voice but not sure Idol good. Katy said that he was a couple yeas away from the golden dust. Lionel told Ryan to go to Nashville. Ryan didn’t get his ticket to Hollywood but got three very optimistic no’s from the judges. Luke noted that he is Grand Ole Opry host material.

Host Ryan Seacrest saw a girl on the corner who said that she wanted to audition but felt she had missed the cut off. Ryan brought her into the audition room himself with no previous screening. In an Idol first, the judges let her audition. Courtney Timmons, the security guard, got her audition of “Rise Up” A Cappella. The judges thought they were being punked. Saying that she had een Courtney sitting outside, Katy said that she could sing; adding that she is the best singer they have seen today. Courtney got her ticket to Hollywood. Katy said that Courtney is what “American Idol” is.

Lauren Spencer is a 16 year old singer from Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Lionel said that Lauren was wise and gifted beyond her years; adding she did a great job. Luke called Lauren’s voice super interesting. Katy said that Lauren has a God given gift; adding that she has a lot to work with. Lauren got her ticket to Hollywood.

Accompanied by his 78 year old great grandmother, Dewayne Crocker Jr. chose the Bobby McFerrin hit “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” for his audition. Lionel liked the timber of Dewayne’s voice; adding that he has the goods. Katy noted that it was an interesting take on the song but wanted to connect more. Katy said it was a roll the dice moment for her but the guys said yes. Lionel got to meet great grandma…and a big hug. She told Lionel that they met on “Lady” and walked down the aisle to the song. Lionel sang a bit of the song as he danced with grandma; calling her a treasure.

Dillon James chose “Make You Feel My Love” for his audition. Katy called the performance awesome. Luke noted that the song was done with feeling and honesty; adding he had a Chris Isaak thing going. Lionel said that Dillon made it his song. Katy called his a country Post Malone. Dillon got his ticket to Hollywood.

Big Katy Perry fan Geena sang an original song for her audition and got the judges to join in on the song with her. Katy called her personable with a good voice. Luke said that she has a cool sound but thought the song was safe. Geena got three yeses and her ticket to Hollywood.

Jared Lettow – the other Jared Leto – showed off his yodeling skills with his audition. He gave Katy a yodeling lesson. Katy said that he had one of the coolest party tricks ever but Jared got three nos from the judges.

After clips of some not so good auditions, Luke and Katy came out with a megaphone asking for some real talent.

Shannon Gibbons chose the Etta James “I’d Rather Go Blind” for her audition. Katy said that was why she keeps coming back to the show. Luke called it their new barometer. Shannon got her ticket to Hollywood amid a chorus of yeses from the judges.

While waiting for Katy in makeup, Luke and Lionel sing to some of their vinyl albums.

Model Isaiah Grass brought his music machine to perform an acoustic version of “Take on Me” by A-ha. The judges provided a little background singing during the audition. Katy said it was something and Luke called it a journey. Katy noted that he had a big range but was more of a musical theater person than an Idol person. Lionel said that he had a great package but needed something that encompassed that. Isaiah got three nos, but advice to go to musical theater.

In the final audition of the night, Genavieve Linkowski returns to Idol after being eliminated during Hollywood week two years ago. Playing the piano she sang “How Am I Supposed to Live Without You”. Katy said that she felt the song through and through. Lionel noted that she has actually grown; adding that she isn’t just singing, she is performing. Genavieve got her ticket back to Hollywood.