Known for the site of creating music by The Beatles and Pink Floyd, Abbey Road Studios is one of the most well known recording studios in the world. Since opening the original studio, the Abbey Road Institute has opened studios in Berlin, Frankfurt, Paris, Amsterdam, Melbourne, and Johannesburg.

Now Abbey Road is about to open their first studio and music school in the United States.

Abbey Road is partnering with the Miami Art House Studio to create a music production education program similar to the program held at the London studio.

Founder of the Miami Art House Studio Julio Reyes Copello spoke on the partnership saying, “I want to see how all these (student) artists that we discover, after giving them an honest training, start having a responsible mission within the entertainment industry. I want to see (student) artists coming out of here with the sensibility, creating music that inspires.”

Abbey Road Institute CEO Luca Barassi noted, “the Latin music industry and Latin talent are very important and we recognize Miami as the hub. Working with Julio and his team brings together their depth of knowledge and experience with Latin music with our comprehensive and relevant curriculum.”

The program will begin in September with 10 students at the Miami Art House Studio. “There is an interest in the influence that the Latin music is having in the world,” Copello said.


feature photo credit: By Jonyol104413 – Own work, Public Domain,