It’s Country music night on “Dancing with the Stars”. The eight remaining couples will be performing two dances this week with the return of the team dance.

After no one going home on Disney Night this week there is a double elimination this week with two couples going home as the end of the season draws near.

Country boy and musician John Schneider and Emma get the night started off with a Jazz routine to “Thank God I’m a Country Boy”. After the dance, Emma told John that he did a good job. Host Tom Bergeron noted that John was in his element. Saying that’s the way to open the show, Len said that the dance was full of fun and energy; adding that he is full of admiration. Bruno said that the dance brought the best out of John; adding that the dance was made to make John shine. Bruno called the dance witty and inventive; adding that John’s timing was so much better. Noting that John did his best, Carrie Anne said that the movement flowed easily; adding that the dance was so much fun. With a nine from Len, John and Emma scored 25 points for their dance.

Evanna and Keo danced a Rumba to a live performance from Carly Pierce. British Evanna and South African Keo were unfamiliar with Country music. Tom said that he is loving Country night. Giving the couple a standing ovation, Bruno noted that there was a transformation in Evanna; adding that the dance was sultry and mature. Calling it a proper Rumba, Bruno said that they were perfectly in tune with the musical performance. Carrie Ann noted that what Evanna is doing is so good; adding that Evanna has become a real Ballroom and Latin dancer. Len noted that Evanna had lovely articulation in her feet; adding that the dance was gorgeous and there wasn’t anything he didn’t like. Co-host Erin Andrews said that they nailed it. Evanna and Keo earned their first perfect score of 30 for their dance.

After a performance by some of the pro dancers, Juan Pablo and Cheryl perform a countryfied Charleston. Saying that dance was great stuff, Tom noted that everyone is upping their game tonight. Yelling Yee Haw, Carrie Ann said that Juan Pablo makes everything look so effortless and easy. Len said that the dance had a great mix of Charleston and Country. Saying that they are still flying high, Bruno called them better than FedEx because they always deliver. Noting that the timing in the song was insane, Bruno said that they never missed a beat and looked effortless. For the second week, Juan Pablo and Cheryl earned a perfect score of 30 for their dance.

Cole Swindell performed his hit song “Love You Too Late”.

Joe and Jenna danced a Tango that had Tom calling Joe Dance School Joe. Noting that the dance was a little unstable in places, Len said that Joe always comes out and attacks the dance. Bruno compared the dance to Mad Max doing a Tango across bumpy roads into an explosion. Noting that she saw some familiar moves, Carrie Ann appreciates the way that Joe never gives up. Saying that his dance was not as strong this week, Carrie Ann noted how Joe has captured the hearts of the people at home. Joe and Jenna scored 21 points for their dance.

Milo and Witney danced a Foxtrot to a live performance from Glencoe. Playing music since he was a child, Milo wrote a Country song for Witney who loves Country music. Tom noted that Milo looked like he was having fun. Calling it a proper classic Foxtrot, Bruno said that Milo has the talent, range, and versatility; adding that Mile is always 100 percent believable. Calling Milo the one to beat, Carrie All said that the dance was spectacular. Saying that Milo danced with a maturity that belies his years, Len admires Milo’s dedication; adding that he loves to watch Milo dance. Milo and Witney scored 29 points for their dance.

DeMarcus and Lindsay danced a Viennese Walt to the Chris Stapleton smash hit “Tennessee Whiskey”. Carrie Ann noted that dance is about creating a world and they created a dance that was full of expression with everything working Carrie Ann called the dance stunning and dynamic. Len said that DeMarcus danced with a softness and elegance; adding that the dance had great light and shape. Len wanted to see more of the dance in hold. Noting that DeMarcus had irresistible southern charm, Bruno said that DeMarcus had a light touch, was smooth, and danced like a true gentleman. DeMarcus and Lindsay scored 27 points for their dance.

Alexis and Alan danced a Samba to a live performance from Lauren Alaina. Saying that the dance had so much great Samba content, Len called it the best routine of the night; adding that it was beautifully danced. Calling it a match made in Samba heaven Bruno noted that they bounced to the same heartbeat and in sync. Calling them the sweetest Samba couple in the world, Carrie Ann noted that Alexis was on the front edge of the beat. Alexis and Alan earned 29 points for their dance.

In the final individual dance of the night, Bobby and Sharna danced a Viennese Waltz to a live performance of the Elvis hit “Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Chris Jansen. Tom noted that Bobby was looking good. Calling the performance sweet and romantic Bruno gave Bobby top marks for effort; adding that Bobby kept the flow going and delivered what they asked for. Noting that Bobby was a bit tense, Carrie Ann appreciated that Bobby tried to maintain hold. Saying that Bobby needs to learn to relax his shoulders, Len said that it was a great time for Bobby to do his best dance Bobby noted that if he got an eight from Len, he would give Len a kiss on his face. With a score of 24 points, Bobby got his eight from Len. He not only gave Len a kiss, but a big hug to Bruno as well.

Bobby also announced that when “American Idol” returns, he will be the in house full time mentor for the contestants.

Country Night scores:
Joe and Jenna – 21
Bobby and Sharna – 24
John and Emma – 25
DeMarcus and Lindsay – 27
Milo and Witney – 29
Alexis and Alan – 29
Evanna and Keo – 30
Juan Pablo and Cheryl – 30

This season DWTS chose the two celebrities with the lowest overall score from the season to be the team captains.

Led by Bobby and Sharna, Team Hay Now included Evanna and Keo, Milo and Witney, and John and Emma. The team danced to the Dolly Parton his “9 to 5”. Tom said that the dance was wonderful. Len said that they went from Hollywood to Dollywood and he loved it. Giving them a standing ovation, Bruno called the dance a Country triumph; adding that the dance had brilliant choreography and was amazing. Saying that Bobby gets the MVP for that one, Carrie Ann said that they didn’t miss a step and nailed it. The team scored 29 points for their dance and will have the score added to their individual dance scores.

Next up was Team Joe Down – Joe and Jenna, DeMarcus and Lindsay, Juan Pablo and Cheryl, and Alexis and Alan – to dance to the Luke Bryan hit “Country Girl”. Saying that he needs to hose himself down, Bruno said that Alexis looked like one of the pro dancers. Saying that they were on fire, Carrie Ann said that there was so much going on in that dance that it was hard to focus; adding that it was a really hard number. Saying that he had a ball tonight Len said that he enjoyed both teams and they worked their socks off and did a great job. The team scored 26 points for their dance and will have that score added to their individual dance scores.

Team Dance scores:
Team Joe Down – 26
Team Hay Now – 29

Total Scores:
Joe and Jenna – 21 + 26 = 47
Bobby and Sharna – 24 + 29 = 53
DeMarcus and Lindsay – 27 + 26 = 53
John and Emma – 25 + 29 = 54
Alexis and Alan – 29 + 26 = 55
Juan Pablo and Cheryl – 30 + 26 = 56
Milo and Witney – 29 + 29 = 58
Evanna and Keo – 30 + 29 = 59

In this week’s results; John and Emma, DeMarcus and Lindsay, and Evanna and Keo were the couples in jeopardy with only one of them safe for another week.

Tom Bergeron named Evann and Keo as the couple who was safe for another week; but for John and Emma and DeMarcus and Lindasy it was time to go home.

Next week it’s the semi finals!