It’s the final night of the knockout rounds on “The Voice”. Adam has used his only save and steal of the round but Kelly and Blake each have a save remaining. Jennifer is the only coach with a steal remaining.

Kelly gets the night started off with a battle between Sarah Grace and Chevel Shepherd. Chevel chose “Travelin’ Soldier” by the Dixie Chicks and Sarah Grace chose to sing the Etta James hit “I’d Rather Go Blind”. Adam said that Chevel is so angelic; adding that you know she is a Country fan by her voice. Adam asked how could Sarah Grace show so much pain at such a young age. Blake noted that he heard something in Chevel’s voice; adding that there is something magnetic about Sarah Grace. Jennifer said that each of them owned it and did very well. Noting that both girls picked bold fearless songs, Kelly said that she was going with the singer who is ready right now and named Chevel as the winner Kelly used her save on Sarah Grace. Kelly is the first coach to fill her team.

Adam paired DeAndre Nico and Jake Wells for a battle with DeAndre singing “Wanted” and Jake taking on the Coldplay song “Yellow” and playing the piano. The performances brought Adam to his feet. Noting that the Coldplay song is a tough one, Blake said that Jake did a good job. Blake noted that DeAndre’s performance was brilliant. Noting that her daughter is obsessed with Coldplay, Kelly said that Jake’s performance was super rad; adding that DeAndre’s voice filled the walls. Adam said that their ideas for Jake worked; adding that DeAndre came to win and no one sounds like him. Adam named DeAndre as the winner of the battle.

Jennifer paired teens Anthony Arya and Kennedy Holmes for a battle. Anthony chose the Jim Croce song “Operator” and played the guitar when he sang. Anthony noted that when he first heard the song he had to ask what an operator was. Kennedy is looking to break away from her musical theatre background; she chose the Pink song “What About Us”. Kelly noted that Anthony sounded just like Jim Croce; adding that she though Pink would be proud of Kennedy’s performance. Adam said that Anthony is the coolest 15 year old he’d ever met; adding that both singers are vital and important to the show. Saying that it is definitely very tough; adding that both singers have bright futures. Jennifer said that Anthony know’s who he is; adding that she loved Kennedy’s vulnerability in her voice. Noting that there were no steals left, Jennifer chose Kennedy as the winner of the battle.

Blake paired steal Colton Smith and Kirk Jay for a battle. In rehearsals, Kirk went crazy when he saw mentor Mariah Carey. Playing the keyboard, Kirk sang “In Case You Didn’t Know”. Colton noted that he has some hearing issues. He chose “Lady Marmalade” for his song and had trouble hearing the song on the stage. Jennifer said that Kirk had such a beautiful moment; adding that Colton is a professional. Telling Colton that they have all had those moments, Kelly said that Kirk was something special. Adam said that Kirk was incredible; adding that he will be in the finale. Adam called Colton inspirational. Blake said that he paired Colton and Kirk because Colton was the only person who could match up to Kirk’s level. Blake named Kirk as the winner of the battle. Jennifer stole Colton back. Her team is not complete.

Adam paired steal Delaney Silvernell and Steve Memmolo for a battle. Delaney sang “Praying” by Kesha and Steve sang the Allen Stone song “Unaware”. Blake said that the two were very evenly matched. Blake noted that Delaney gives everything she has but Steve fill the room with his voice. Jennifer said that Delaney has a beautiful voice and she loved the song choice; adding that she loves Steve’s passion. Kelly loved Delaney’s head voice; adding that the is something very nice about Steve’s vulnerability. Adam noted that they worked hard with both singers; adding that he was proud of Steve’s ability with his falsetto. Adam chose the winner based on who is ready now and named Steve as the winner of the battle. Adam’s team is now full.

In the final knockout battle, Blake paired Chris Kroeze and Michael Lee for a battle. Chris chose the Cam song “Burning House” and Michael chose the Allman Brothers song “Whipping Post”. Calling the performances so good, Kelly said that Chris has an incredible voice and Michael made a perfect song choice. Jennifer said that both singers brought something very special to the table. Adam called both songs equally difficult. Blake said that he couldn’t be happier with them; adding that a lot of dues have been paid already. Blake noted that Chris has a ridiculous voice and Michael is unbelievable. Saying that he thought about this ahead of time, Blake pulled a coin out of his pocket. Saying that there was no winner, he flipped the coin and saying Michael was heads, named Michael the winner of the battle. Blake then used his save on Chris.

Next week the live performances begin and the decisions are turned over to the voting fans.

Knockout Rounds:

Team Adam:
Tyke James
Reagan Strange
Radha – save
Kameron Marlowe – steal
DeAndre Nico
Steve Memmolo

Team Kelly:
Keith Paluso – steal
Kymberlie Joye
Abby Cates
Chevel Shepherd
Sarah Grace – save

Team Blake:
Natasia Greycloud – steal
Dave Fenley
Kirk Jay
Michael Lee
Chris Kroeze – steal

Team Jennifer:
MaKenzie Thomas
Patrique Fortson
Sandyred – save
Franc West
Kennedy Homes
Colton Smith – steal