On the final night of auditions on “American Idol” the crew is quickly planning a big surprise for Lionel Richie…when he arrives at the auditorium, they sing his hit song “Hello”. Lionel said that he loved the performance.

Gabby Barrett sang a song from her idol Carrie Underwood for her audition. Katy stopped her and asked her to sing another song. Gabby chose another Carrie song but the judges tried to moved her in another direction…because they wanted to hear her. Gabby chose a church song and had Lionel saying that she was on fire. Gabby got three yeses and her ticket to Hollywood. Katy wanted to punk her Dad. Katy told her Dad that Gabby didn’t make it and was upset.

Caitlin Lucia chose Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl” for her audition. Katy said that Caitlin put her own spin on the song. The judges think that Caitlin was only scraping the top. Caitlin got three absolute yeses fro the judges.

Back in New Orleans, Amelia Presley claims to be a sixth cousin of The King, Billy Crunk, and Bailey Eubanks all sang Elvis songs for their auditions. But Elvis impersonator Drake Milligan chose a Country song for his audition. Luke said that Drake crushed it. Lionel noted that Drake is comfortable in himself. Katy called Drake a star in the making. Drake got his ticket to Hollywood.

In Savannah, Mylon Shamble chose “Stand By Me” for her audition but got stopped by Luke but after Katy said it was best she had ever heard, they told Mylon to keep singing. She got her ticket to Hollywood.

But there were several singers whose nerves got the better of them.

When Lee said that “Zoom” by The Commodores was her favourite song, Lionel Richie started singing the song and Lee joined in. Katy said that she felt that she was watching something very special. Luke called it awesome. Then Lee Vasi chose a Toni Braxton song for her audition song. Lionel said that she wasn’t quite all together. Katy called her a good performer but has more to learn. Luke said that she is very close to being a complete package. Luke added that if Lee would listen to them, she could be top 10. Lee got her ticket to Hollywood.

Back to Los Angeles where the judges see some real characters and some questionable song choices.

An energetic Michael Woodard got a shakedown form Lionel to help settle his nerves that allowed him to belt out his audition. Lionel noted that Michael sang from his heart; adding that it was refreshing. Katy said that he has a soft and beautiful soul. Luke said that America is going to pull for Michael. With three yeses Michael got his golden ticket.

Choreographer Brielle Rathbun gave Luke a dance lesson, Katy wanted to see a hip thrust, before performing “Gravity” by Sara Bareillis. A smiling Lionel said that he really liked what she did and was in control. Luke liked that Brielle was just singing and looked natural. Brielle got her ticket to Hollywood.

Carly Moffa sang an original song for her audition. Lionel said that Carly gave them the whole package. Luke called her tremendous. Katy compared Carly to Florence of Florence and the Machine. Luke yelled for Carly’s mama to come in the room.

Back to Savannah and Ayana “rose” Lawson sang the Bonnie Raitt song “I Can’t Make You Love Me” for her audition. Saying that he wanted for her, Lionel noted that the competition is staggering. Luke said that she has a good voice. Katy said that Rose needs to develop a little more. Lionel told her to practice and come back next year.

Back in New York, Alabama native Samuel Swanson chose Al Green’s “Lets Stay Together” for his audition. Luke said that he could see that Samuel was nervous; adding that Samuel’s voice is velvet. Lionel said that there was an effortless quality to Samuel’s voice; adding that Samuel’s voice reminded him of Luther Vandross. He got his ticket to Hollywood.

Heavy metal rocker Damiano Scarfi showed off his range with “More than a Feeling” but did not impress the judges enough to move on. Luke called it a time capsule moment; adding he has a lot of tools. Lionel said that he doesn’t know where to put it.

In Savannah, Luke is streaming the Georgia Bulldogs Florida Gators game between singers.

For the final audition in Savannah, Jurnee chose the Andra Day song “Rise Up” for her audition. Lionel called the performance fantastic. Katy didn’t believe Jurnee’s name was Jurnee. Katy said that Jurnee has arrived. Lionel loved the vocal control. Jurnee got her ticket to Hollywood.

The auditions completed, Luke crashed a wedding party where the couple were big fans of his.

After getting eliminated during Hollywood week in season 12, Adam Sanders returns to try again in drag as Ada Vox. Lionel called it amazing. Luke wanted to know her range. Lionel said that he was very happy Ada owned her talent and was true to herself; adding that she has an amazing amount of talent. She got her ticket to Hollywood.

On Monday Hollywood week begins for 169 singers.