Night four of the “American Idol” auditions begins in New Orleans with goat farmer Trevor McBane singing “Colder Weather” by the Zac Brown Band. Luke called Trevor raw in a good way. Trevor got himself a ticket to Hollywood.

In Nashville, Audriana Bolton with “Natural Woman”. Lionel wasn’t sure what he was supposed to judge. Katy and Luke also gave her a no.

In a series of no clips, there was one that included one person who brought her dog. The dog kept pooping on the floor.

Genavieve Linkowski played the piano as she sang her audition. Katy was impressed. Luke said that there was magic in her voice. Her voice reminded Lionel of Celine Dion. Genavieve got her ticket to Hollywood.

Back to New Orleans, Luke had to turn one singer’s guitar before he could sing and he didn’t get a ticket to Hollywood.

Kennedy Rittenhouse hails from the same Oklahoma town as Idol winner Carrie Underwood and got to sing with Underwood when she was in fifth grade. She sang “I Told You So” for her audition. Luke and Lionel said that she did a good job. Lionel was wondering how they could develop her. Katy loved Kennedy’s dress. Luke said that Kennedy looked like an “American Idol” but her voice didn’t set him on fire. Kennedy got her ticket to Hollywood.

Brandon Elder sang an original song for his audition. Luke said that he was honoured and Brandon slayed the song. Lionel called the song amazing and in Brandon’s wheelhouse but has to think about the singing part. Katy said that there is a genuineness about his voice. Brandon got his ticket to Hollywood.

Cody Martin came out singing Happy Birthday to Katy and the judges sent him to Hollywood.

Victoria McQueen was born the same day Idol premiered. She chose “Don’t You Worry About a Thing” by Stevie Wonder for her audition. Lionel said that she was spot on; adding that she couldn’t get it any better. Katy said that she lit up a room when she walked in. Victoria is going to Hollywood.

Vocal coach Britney Holmes chose Whitney Houston for her audition with “I Have Nothing”. Katy and Luke called her a great singer but didn’t feel a connection. She didn’t get her ticket to Hollywood. Lionel told her to throw out teaching and bring in feeling.

After a series of clips where the judges didn’t “feel” it, Dominque chose “A Song for You” for his audition and gave the judges goosebumps. Dominique got his ticket to Hollywood.

Back in New York, Angola native Amalia Watty chose the Bob Dylan song “Make You Feel My Love” for her audition. Lionel said that she has range, sound, and uniqueness – things they are all looking for. Katy thinks there is more to hear. Amalia is just cool to Luke. She got her ticket to Hollywood.

Back in Nashville, Daniel Ethridge was asked to sing a second song – an original – for his audition. Luke said that he sang and played great. Lionel said that he loves singer songwriters; adding that he thinks Daniel can go places. Daniel got his ticket to Hollywood.

Taryn Coccia sang “Masterpiece” by Jessie J while her sister played the guitar. Katy and Lionel wanted to hear sister Payton Taylor and she chose “Angel from Montgomery”. Lionel said that it could be a family affair; adding that they have two unique voices. Both sisters got their tickets to Hollywood.

As Sam walked in, the judges could only talk about his hair. He played the piano as he sang “Tennessee Whiskey” by Chris Stapleton. Luke called Sam a great performer. Katy wants him to stretch it. Lionel said that Sam has the goods. Sam got his ticket to Hollywood.

In the last audition of the night, Marcio Donaldson brought his six month old son with him for his audition. Luke asked to hold the baby while Marcio sang. Lionel said that the performance was moving and Marcio had range. Marcio was very emotional after the performance. Luke called it a real voice. Katy called Marcio a sensable soul. Marcio got three yeses and a ticket to Hollywood.

Next week the auditions will conclude and Hollywood begins.