The battle rounds began on season 14 of “The Voice” on Monday night. Kelly, Blake, and Adam have all used a steal to add to their teams. Kelly has three artists on her team; while Alicia, Blake, and Adam each have two artists on their teams.

Kelly got round two of the battle rounds with Amber Sawyer and Jorge Eduardo performing mentor Hailee Steinfeld’s song “Starving”. The duo sing the song in English and Spanish. Alicia loved the energy. Adam noted that Amber is a fantastic singer but said that Jorge is a diverse performer. Blake like Amber’s stage pressence and personality. Saying that it is her dumbest so far, Kelly noted that Amber rose to the challenge of singing in Spanish but loved the cultural diversity of Jorge. Kelly chose Jorge as the winner of the battle.

Adam paired Davison and Reid Umstattd for the Rihanna song “Love on the Brain” and brought the coaches to their feet. Blake loved the falsetto in Reid’s voice; adding that Davison had some cool runs. Kelly called Davison’s runs like warm biscuits and butter. Alicia said that the song fit Reid’s vibe but Davison owned it. Coach Adam said that it was the right pairing. Saying that he was going to choose the person who surprised him every time he sang, Adam chose Reid as the winner of the battle.

In a series of clips…
Blake paired Bransen Ireleand and Jaron Strom for a performance of “Head Over Boots” Jaron as the winner of the battle.
Alicia paird Jonny Bliss and Megan Lee for a battle of “Versace on the Floor”. Alicia named Jonny Bliss as the winner of the battle.
Kelly paired Jamella and Teana Boston together for a performance of “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow”. Kelly named Jamella as the winner of the battle.

In the final battle of the night, Alicia paired Jordyn Simone and Kelsea Johnson for a battle of the En Vogue song “Don’t Let Go (Love)”. In rehearsals Alicia noted that the performance could be something great or a train wreck. Adam said that he hears a lot of Alicia in Kelsea but Jordyn has a lot of power. Blake said that the performance was evenly matched. Kelly said that Kelsea’s voice felt lived in and also noted Jordyn’s power. Alicia chose Kelsea as the winner of the battle. Adam and Kelly pushed their buttons to steal Jordyn. Kelly said that if Jordyn doesn’t choose her, she will steal Jordyn later. Jordyn chose Adam to be her new coach. Adam has no more steals.

Next week the battle rounds conclude in a three night event.

Team Alicia:
Sharane Calister
Christiana Danielle
Jonny Bliss
Kelsea Johnson

Team Kelly:
Brynn Cartelli
Tish Haynes Keys – steal
D.R. King

Team Blake:
Dylan Hartigan – steal
Kyla Jade
Jaron Strom

Team Adam:
Rayshun LaMar
Jackie Foster – steal
Reid Umstattd
Jordyn Simone – steal