The next release in a series of books honouring the icons of rock music is “Alice Cooper @ 75”.

Set for a January 31 release, “Alice Cooper @ 75” is a comprehensive look at America’s…and rock’s original shock rocker.  The book will retail for $75 in the U.S.

As Cooper approaches his 75th birthday on February 4, the book explores his life through 75 events of rock, shock, and horror.  With over 200 pages, the book features tons of information and 350 photos of Cooper on stage and off.

Each book also includes a bonus envelope with a colour 8 X 10 photo and two fold out posters.  There is also a fold out timeline included in the book.

It all began on February 4, 1948 in Detroit, Michigan when Vincent Damon Furnier was born, the grandson of a preacher and the son of a part time preacher.  Music was not a part of his life…baseball was.  He lived and breathed baseball and was an avid fan of the Detroit Tigers.

It wasn’t until The Beatles arrived and it changed everything…

And in 1968, Vincent Furnier became Alice Cooper; and as they say, nothing was ever the same anymore.

Over the years there have been 28 albums, hundreds of potentially fatal stunts, millions of fans, and induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

And Gary Graff covers it all in his historic look at the original shock rocker himself, Alice Cooper.