After ending 2022 with two killer snowstorms that dumped a record amount of snow on the greater Buffalo area, the western New York community is ready to start 2023 on a lighter note.

Comedian, actor, and podcaster Aries Spears has a four night engagement at the Helium Comedy Club in downtown Buffalo that will kick off a tour set to run well into the year.

A child of the ‘80’s, Spears got his start doing impersonations.  His mother is a jazz singer and Spears noted Louis Armstrong was frequently playing in the house and became his first impression.  He has been working as a comedian since he was just 14 years old. 

Spears admits that his style of comedy is decidedly NOT politically correct; adding that when it comes to his comedy he is very Floridian – he stands his ground!

A star on “MadTV”, Spears has created numerous characters for the show including Belma Buttons, Walter Crackheads, Reggie Eracist, The Klemps, and Ed Diablo Negro.

As an impressionist; his list includes Bill Cosby, Jesse Jackson, Mike Tyson, Shaquille O’Neal, Michael Jackson, James Brown, Al Pacino, Eddie Murphy, and Evander Hollyfield.

Keep the holiday cheer alive with the comedy of Aries Spears…

Jan 5-8 at the Helium Comedy Club in Buffalo, NY
Jan 12 at the Helium Comedy Club in St. Louis, MO
Jan 27 at the Funny Bone in Perrysburg, OH
Feb 4 at the Regent Theater in Arlington, MA
Feb 10 at the Funny Bone in Virginia Beach, VA
Feb 17 at the Funny Bone in Albany, NY
Feb 24 at the Improv in Denver, CO
March 3 at the Funny Bone in Liberty Township, OH
April 6 at the Funny Bone in Columbus, OH
April 27 at the Improv in Arlington, TX
May 5 at the Improv in Cleveland, OH
May 25 at the Helium Comedy Club in Portland, OR
June 9 at the Improv in Homestead, PA
June 15 at the DC Comedy Loft in Washington, D.C.
June 30 at the Bricktown Comedy Club in Tulsa, OK
July 21 at the Improv in Kansas City, MO
Aug 31 at the Helium Comedy Club in Philadelphia
Oct 6 at the Funny Bone in Manchester, CT
Oct 12 at Goodnights in Raleigh, NC
Oct 20 at the Improv in Orlando, FL
Oct 27 at the Funny Bone in Richmond, VA
Nov 10 at the Improv in Tampa, FL

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