As crews continue working at the Memorial Coliseum in Los Angeles to prepare the track for the second Busch Light Clash, NASCAR got the year started off on a big note with their first ever entry into the 134th annual Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena.

The float featuring three iconic cars – the black number three that was driven by Dale Earnhardt Sr, the Rainbow Warriors number 24 driven by Jeff Gordon, and the iconic number 43 that was driven by “The King” Richard Petty – was titled “Always Forward”  and featured “The King” himself Richard Petty and new Craftsman Truck Series driver Raja Caruth.

And while the Rose Parade doesn’t have a Rookie of the Year Award, the NASCAR float was presented with the Most Outstanding Depiction of National Treasures and  Traditions award.

Along with the iconic cars and drivers of the past, the float depicted the entrance to the Memorial Coliseum including the Olympic torch where the drivers will run the Busch Light Clash on February 5.  Celebrating 75 years of racing, NASCAR has created a diamond anniversary logo which was also a part of the float.

Reaching into the blue skies att 25 feet high, the float was among the tallest in the parade and it was 55 feet in length.

Normally run of January 1, it has been a long standing tradition that anytime the first of January fell on a Sunday, the parade and accompanying events would be held on Monday in order to not interfere with Sunday religious events.

Feature photo credit: the NASCAR Facebook page