In recent years, Country music has experienced some diversity amongst its performers with artists like Jimmie Allen and Darius Rucker; and most recently the coming out of a few artists like T.J. Osborne of the Brothers Osborne.

Adeem the Artist is looking to add their name to that list of queer artists with the release of “White Trash Revelry” via their own record label Four Quarters Records.

More than just a performer, Adeem is also a songwriter whom award winning artist Brandi Carlile calls “one of the best writers in roots music.”

Like openly gay Tony Award winning artist Levi Kreis, Adeem the Artist was raised in the shadows of the Appalachian Mountains.  “White Trash Revelry” is a musical autobiography of growing up and living in a small town and not quite fitting in with the rest of the crowd.  Saying their parents were “from a lot of generational trauma”, Adeem notes that they were “born right in the heart of it;” adding that humour was how they survived.

“White Trash Revelry” is available to stream or download at:

The tracklisting for “White Trash Revelry”:
“For Judas”
“Heritage of Arrogance”
“Painkillers & Magic”
“Run this Town”
“Baptized in Well Spring”
“Middle of a Heart”
“Going to Hell”
“Rednecks & Unread Hicks”
“Books and Records”
“My America”

Feature photo credit: courtesy of IVPR Media