Havana Winter:

Each year artists add their voices to the mountain of holiday music available and while most of those additions are new renditions of the normal traditional faire; other create something new and fresh in the offering, including 16 year old Havana Winter with “Daddy’s Kissing Santa Claus”.

The accompanying video is hilarious 80’s inspired affair that features a cast of guest performances including Guevara, Marsha Molinari, Vince Rossi, Jordan Xidas, Jonnie Reinhart, Justin Love, Terrell Jones, Niels van der Heuvel, and Jonah Almanzar.

Promising an earworm that will get stuck in your head, Winter notes that “with all the serious things that have been going on in the world lately, people need a break from it, especially for the holidays, and to just be able to relax and have a laugh with some funny and happy vibes.”