The rock band Kansas is celebrating 50 years of making music next year and will be marking the occasion with what else??? Music!

A compilation of their career spanning career, Kansas will release “Another Fork in the Road – 50 Years of Kansas” on December 9.  Along with music that spans their career, Kansas is adding a new version of “CanI Tell You”.

The rockers had quite a task parring down 16 albums of music into a three disc compilation.

Kansas founding member Phil Ehart spoke on the new release saying, “this is far more than just another greatest hits album. ‘Another Fork in the Road’ is an in-depth representation of the evolving and winding musical journey of the band KANSAS that’s been 50 years in the making.”

“Another Fork in the Road” is a three CD Digipak release that will also feature some extensive liner notes and rarely seen photos; all of which has been overseen by Ehart.

“Another Fork in the Road – 50 Years of Kansas” is available for pre-order at:

The tracklisting for “Another Fork in the Road”:
“Can I Tell You”
“The Absence of Presence”
“Throwing Mountains”
“Crowded Isolation”
“The Voayage of Eigh Eighteen”
“The Coming Dawn”
“Distant Vision”
“The Wall”
“Dust in the Wind”
“Desperate Times”
Under the Knife”
“Fight Fire with Fire”
“End of the Age”
“Incident on a Bridge”
“Play the Game Tonight”
“Hold On”
“Curtain of Iron”
“No One Together”
“On the Other Side”
“Angels Have Fallen”
“How My Soul Cries Out for You”
“Carry on Wayward Son”
“Portrait (He Knew)”
“Sparks of the Tempest”
“Miracles Out of Nowhere”
 “Magnum Opus”
“Icarus – Born on Wings of Steel”
“Child of Innocence”
“Down the Road”    
“Song for America”
“The Devil Game”
“Death of Mother Nature Suite”
“Journey from Mariabronn”