The Covid pandemic was a hard hit for many people around the world; but for people who are self employed like artists and musicians, it was especially hard with at times nowhere to turn for help.

Isaac Hoskins channeled those feelings, coping, and “righting the ship” for his new album “Bender”.  After “taking charge” once again, not only does Hoskins have some new music to share; he has been sober for the past 12 months and has shed 30 poinds.

The songs “H-Town Turnaround” and “Off the Wagon” from “Bender” can be heard on episodes of “Yellowstone” this season.

Speaking on the new album, Hoskins says, “you’ve got your toe-tapper, your two-stepper, your croon, your killin’ tune. The Drunk, down and out, as well as the homesick and hopeful.”  Hoskins notes that every composition comes form his roots and as a former bartender, construction worker, beer truck driver, and ranch hand; he has plenty of roots to tap into.

The tracklisting for “Bender”:
“H-Town Turnaround”
“Back to the Saltmine”
“Panhandle Wind”
“My Memory”
“Harder than the Blues”
“The Pistol and the Prayer”
“Moments I Would Never Trade”
“If It’s Meant to Be”
“Off the Wagon”
“Leon’s Blues”

Feature photo credit: IVPR Media