Phill Brush and Stephen Castillo first met on Craigslist and have carved out their own nitch in the massive genre known as Country music.  The Texas duo, as the Western Express, have just released their debut album “Lunatics, Lovers & Poets” which is filled with what they call Nuevo-retro Country.  But the album isn’t just about Country music; there’s also a bit of classic pop country, Latin blues, gospel, and even a little outlaw mixed in.

The tracklisting for “Lunatics, Lovers & Poets”:
“Honky Tonk Saints”
“Flower of the Rio Grande”
“You and Me and the Neon”
“Trust Me, You Can’t Trust Me”
“Lovin’ You For A While”
“Last Apology”
“Emptying Me”
“Quesadilla Mamacita”

The duo have a few shows lined up:
Aug 17 at The Broken Spoke in Austin, TX
Aug 24 & Sept 7 at the Globe Theatre in Bertram, TX
Sept 8 at The Broken Spoke in Austin, TX
Sept 9 at  the Continental Club in Houston, TX
Sept 11 at Hernando’s Hideaway in Memphis, TN
Sept 13 at Dee’s Country Cocktail Lounge in Nashville, TN
Sept 16 at Betty’s Big Country Dancehall in Caddo Valley, AR

feature photo credit: Western Express press photo