On Monday night, “The Voice” got the knockout rounds started off with mega mentor Ed Sheeran.

Ariana and Kelly have both used their one save for this round.  Blake and Ariana have two of their five team members; while Kelly has three and John has just one singer on his team.

Tonight, “The Voice” celebrates the most watched show of the decade with their 500th episode.

Johnj pairs up BrittanyBree with “Best Part” and Samuel Harness with “Bruises” by Lewis Capaldi.  Kelly said that they both were so good.  Blake said that Brittany did some great things vocally but Samuel “had a moment”.  John said that he didn’t know what to do because they were both so good.  John chose Samuel as the winner of the battle.

Kelly paired teens The Cunningham Sisters with “Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)” and Hailey Mia with “Arcade” for a battle.  In rehearsals, Kelly said that she was very impressed.  Blake said that it was the cutest thing he had ever seen.  Ariana said that she was obsessed with all three of them.  Kelly said that they were all so gifted.  Kelly said that as a mammas it was very hard; she chose Hailey as the winner of the battle.

In the final battle of the night, Ariana paired David Vogel with “Lose You to Love Me” with just his guitar and Ryleigh Plank with “Midnight Sky”.  John called Ryleigh a star and said that David’s choice to go acoustic was great.  Kelly noted that both singers are free spirited.  Blake said that David put his stamp all over the song; adding that Ryleigh had a “thing”.  Ariana called David’s performance so special and Ryleigh has the vocals of all the greats mixed together.  Ariana chose Ryleigh as the winner of the battle.  John pushed his button to steal David.  Ariana was thrilled that John stole David.

Team Blake:
Wendy Moten

Team Ariana:
Raquel Trinidad
Holly Forbes – steal
Ryleigh Plank

Team Kelly:
Katie Rae – steal
Girl Named Tom
Hailey Mia

Team Legend:
Joshua Vacanti
Samuel Harness
David Vogel – steal