There are thousands of musicians around the world in local music, national, and international Halls of Fame who can tank one man for helping them become a musical legend…Lee Fender.

Fender’s solid body construction revolutionized the world of music and how musicians perform their music.

This year Fender celebrates 75 years of making their world famous guitars. To help celebrate the event, author Dave Hunter has compiled a historical account of Fender in 223 page book filled with over 300 photos and stories of Fender through the years.

Fans will learn how Lee Fender came from humble beginnings to create one of the biggest and most recognizable music companies in history; as well as, how the company has grown over the years. The book also includes photos from the factory floor.

“Fender 75 Years” is set for a September 28 2021, release with a limited edition deluxe version due out on December 28, 2021. The deluxe version is limited to 500 copies and will include posters and flat art works.

“Fender 75 Years” is a must have for any die hard guitar fan; especially collectors of the famed Telecaster and Stratocaster guitars.

“Fender 75 Years” retails for $50 in the U.S., $65 in Canada, and 35 in the United Kingdom.