This week on “The Voice” the coaches will complete the knockout rounds with mega mentor Snooop Dogg.

John and Nick have used their steals. Kelly only has one member of her knockout team; while John has three. Nick and Blake each have two team members.

Team Nick gets the night of music started off by pairing Rachel Mac with “Foolish Games” and Zae Romeo with “Electric Love”. In rehearsals, Snoop said that Rachel has a lot of soul. Zae compared being around Snoop was like a visit to the neighbourhood barbershop.

John called Rachel’s high notes beautiful; adding that he felt Zae’s performance. Kelly said that Rachel has a great tone; noting that Zae loses himself in the song and his performance was incredible. Nick said that Zae gave his best performance and noted that Rachel keeps growing. Saying that the decision was very difficult, Nick chose Rachel as the winner of the knockout. Kelly used her steal on Zae.

Kelly paired Kenzie Wheeler with “Beer Never Broke My Heart” and steal Avery Roberson with “Tomorrow”. Avery had Snoop Dogg dancing in his chair. Kenzie had Snoop wanting a beer. Snoop told both guys that they were young and fresh. Blake had to get a good look at Kenzie’s mullet. Kenzie asked Blake if he was going to grow one. Nick said tht it was Avery’s best performance yet; adding that Kenzie brought the party. John felt like Avery was holding something back, but Kenzie is a star and people are going to want to hang out with him. Kelly noted that she thinks Avery doesn’t know how good he is. She said that Kenzie is the kind of perform people want to know. Kelly named Kenzie as the winner of the knockout.

For John’s last pairing, he put Detroit natives Zania Alake iwht “If I Were Your Woman” and Rio Doyle with “Issues”. Snoop noted that both girls have the ability to make music their life.

Kelly said that Zania sang like it was her song; adding that now she has to cover that song. Blake said that he had never seen “Issues” done any better on the show. Nick noted that Rio approached her song like theatre; adding that Zania just had a special moment and is one to watch. John said that both girls made him so proud. John said that Zania delivered a masterful moment. John named Zania Alake as the winner of the knockout.

For his last pairing, Blake put Conor Christian with “Youngblood” and Cam Anthony with “Feeling Good”. Cam brought the coahes to their feet with his performance. Nick noted that Conor has the lead singer for a band voice; but Cam was very impressed. John was jealous of Cam’s performance; adding that he is a true artist. John noted that Conor has a lot of fire. Kelly thought Conor’s tone was cool; but Cam was something special. Blake noted that Conor needs a lot of air with his style of singing; adding that Cam is the king of the mountain. Blake chose Cam as the winner of the knockout.

In a video clip, Nick paired Jose Figueroa and Raine Stern for a battle with Jose winning the knockout.

In the final knockout, Kelly paired Gihanna Zoe “Glitter in the Air” with and Anna Grace with “If I Die Young”. The tears were flowing during rehearsals; Kelly was ready to have tissues in her chair during the performances. Blake noted that this was going to be a hard one for Kelly to choose; noting that both girls are unique. Nick said that Anna made the song her own; adding that Gihanna shows up every week with something different. John liked the confidence in both of the girls. Kelly said that both girls are very powerful in different ways. Kelly chose Gihanna as the winner of the knockout. The only coach with a steal remaining, Blake pushed his button for Anna.

Team Kelly:
Corey Ward
Zae Romeo – steal
Kenzie Wheeler
Gihanna Zoe

Team Legend:
Ryleigh Modig – steal
Pia Renee
Victor Solomon
Zania Alake

Team Blake:
Jordan Matthew Young
Pete Mroz
Cam Anthony
Anna Grace – steal

Team Nick:
Dana Monique
Andrew Marshall – steal
Rachel Mac
Jose Figueroa Jr

The knockout teams are filled and ready for the live performances but now it is time for the fans to have the first vote of the season with the four way knockout battle between the four singers the coaches saved during the battle rounds.

Nick save Devin Blake Jones chose “Sign of the Times”.

Kelly save Savannah Woods chose “Black Hole Sun”.

Blake save Emma Caroline chose “Neon Moon”.

John save Carolina Rial chose “Anyone”.

The winner of the fan vote will be revealed at the beginning of next week’s live show.