This week on “The Voice” the knockout rounds begin with surprise super mentor Snoop Dogg himself to help the coaches mentor their teams.  Known largely as a rapper, Snoop Dogg is a producer and collaborator that has won numerous awards.

And after taking a couple of weeks off due to illness, Kelly Clarkson returns after Kelsea Ballerini sat in.

And the steal returns…each coach will get one change to steal an eliminated singer.

First up is Team Kelly with Ryleigh Modig singing “Use Somebody” by Kings of Leon and Corey Ward singing one of Kelly’s own songs “Already Gone”. In rehearsals Snoop Doog told Ryleigh to make herself one of the instruments; adding let the music find her and to make them feel what she is saying.  Snoop Dogg said that Corey gave him chills.  Kelly said that Corey did the song the way it should have been done; adding that he did it better than she did. 

Blake said that both singers did incredible.  Nick noted that they set the bar very high and what a way to kick off the knockout rounds.  John noted that Corey made Kelly’s song his own.  Kelly said that it was exciting to see them both perform in person.  A stressed Kelly chose Corey as the winner of the knockout.  Nick and John pushed their buttons together to steal; and then came Blake for a triple steal attempt.  Ryleigh chose John to be her new coach.

Next up, Blake puts Ethan Lively and Jordan Matthew Young for a knockout battle.  Snoop Dogg told Blake that he loves Country music.  Snoop feel in love with Ethan after hearing him talk.  Ethan chose “Help Me Hold On” by Travis Tritt and Jordan chose to sing “She Talks to Angels” by The Black Crows.  Snoop said that Ethan is what Country music is supposed to be.  Snoop suggested a talking moment in the song; adding that it’s old school country.  Blake said that Jordan’s voice sounded incredible on the song.  Snoop told Jordan to channel some Snoop Dogg when he opens the song. 

Nick thought both performances were strong.  John said that Ethan has a cool voice and Jordan was in the zone.  Kelly called Ethan special; adding that Jordan’s performance was well thought out.  Blake wished that he could have taken a sick day because having to decide sucked.  Blake said that he was going with who he thought was ready now and chose Jordan as the winner of the knockout.  No one chose to steal Ethan.

Snoop Dogg jammed a little with the band.

John paired up Pia Renee with “What the World Needs Now is Love” and Ciana Pelekai with “Cause I Love You” by Lizzo.  Pia revealed that as they were gathering for the battle rounds that her mother passed away.  Snoop said that Pia made him think that Whitney was up there.  Snoop gave Ciana a little advise on how to rap on the song. 

Kelly called Pia’s performance beautiful and authentic.  Blake loved the performances.  Nick said that he felt like he was listening to Whitney with Pia’s performance.  John said that Pia’s performance was flawless; especially knowing what the song meant to her.  John chose Pia as the winner of the knockout. 

Nick paired Dana Monique chose the Ike and Tina Turner song “Nutbush City Limits” and steal Keegan Ferrell with “Just My Imagination” by The Temptations.  Keegan heard the song as a child with his dad.  Snoop noted that some of the best singers in the world have sung that song.  Snoop said that he felt Tina in the house; adding that Dana needs to sing how she feels and move. 

John called it excellent song choices.  Kelly loves Keegan’s tone; adding that Dana channeled all the people she loves.  Blake noted that Keegan never felt happier with that song; adding that Dana has a ton of talent.  Nick noted that Keegan has a phenomenal voice; adding that Dana is an unbelievable vocalist.  Nick chose Dana as the winner of the knockout.

For John’s next pairing, Victor Solomon sang “My Girl” by The Temptations – a song John said his dad always sang to his mom – and steal Gean Garcia with “Afterglow” by Ed Sheeran.  Snoop was up dancing during the rehearsal; saying it was like he had never heard the song before.  John said that Gean has a beautiful voice.  Snoop told him to relax and engage the audience.

It wasn’t long before Victor had John out of his chair dancing during his performance.  Kelly called the performances amazing.  Blake was drawn to Gean’s performance but Victor really got his attention.  Nick said that they both did a great job.  John was happy with the performances.  John chose Victor as the winner of the knockout. 

In the final pairing of the night, Blake paired Pete Mroz with “Before You Go” by Lewis Capaldi and Blake steal Andrew Marshall with “I Won’t Give Up” by Jason Mraz.  Snoop told Andrew to make them feel the song.  Snoop told Pete to channel a rapper with some of his lyrics.

Nick said that he didn’t know who to pick.  John thought that it was very close to being even.  Kelly said that there was something special about Pete; adding that Andrew’s voice was magical.  Blake said that this one was tough; adding that both guys had great moments.  Blake chose Pete as the winner of the knockout.

Before Andrew could say anything about being with Blake, Nick pushed his button to steal Andrew and bring him back to his team after loosing him in the battle rounds.

Team Kelly:
Corey Ward

Team Legend:
Ryleigh Modig – steal
Pia Renee
Victor Solomon

Team Blake:
Jordan Matthew Young
Pete Mroz

Tean Nick:
Dana Monique
Andrew Marshall – steal