It’s week two of the battle rounds on “The Voice” with Kelsea Ballarini continuing to sit in for an ailing Kelly Clarkson.

Team Blake gets the night of music kicked off with Cam Anthony and Emma Caroline with a performance of “10,000 Hours” by Team Blake mentors Dan + Shay.  In rehearsals Dan + Shay noted that Cam and Emma did a better job than the original.  Nick said that the duo did very nice. John said that Emma has a lovely tone; adding that Cam sings win fire and conviction.  Kelsea noted that Emma’s voice is her superpower; adding that Cam is impressive on stage.  Coach Blake called Emma an incredible vocalist and Cam looks like he was born to be on the stage.  The winner of the battle is Cam.  Blake used his save on Emma as she was walking away. 

Last week Kelly/Kelsea and John used their only steal of the round and Nick used his save.

Kelly paired up Halley Grace and Gihanna Zoe for Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud”.  Talking with mentor Luis Fonsi, Kelly said that she could never cover “Despacito”.  Luis noted that the pairing was going to be a girl power battle.  Blake said that Halley’s voice is really different; adding that Gihanna has a voice older than her age.  Nick said that Halley has all the makings of a great singer and he told Gihanna that if he closed his eyes, he could imagine Beyonce.  John called Halley interesting and Gihanna is fantastic.  Kelsea said that Kelly loves both of the singers.  Kelsea called Gihanna a technically perfect singer; adding that Halley is quirky…and that is a good thing.  Kelsea chose Gihanna as the winner of the battle. 

John paired Zania Make and Durell Anthony for “Emotions” originally recorded by The Bee Gees.  The singers were shocked to see Brandy was their mentor.  Brandy called them amazing singers.  John told the singers that they wanted their artists to be great storytellers; as well as, good singers.  John have them a standing ovation.  Kelsea said that they complimented each other well; adding that she was blown away.  Blake said that they sounded great.  Nick called the song choice brilliant.  John loves Durell’s falsetto voice; adding that Zania has poise and grace.  Saying that both singers were wonderful, John chose Zania as the winner of the battle.

Blake paired Jordan Matthew Young and Keegan Ferrell for a battle of “Calling All Angels” by Train.  There were a lot of wows from the coaches after the performances.  John enjoyed the performance.  Kelsea also enjoyed the performance.  Blake called both of the guys incredible.  Blake chose Jordan as the winner of the battle.  Nick pushed his button to steal Keegan.  Jordan was glad that Keegan got stolen.  Nick is the first coach to use both his save and steal.

Nick paired up Lindsay Joan and Zae Romeo for a performance of “Rewrite the Stars”.  Nick brought in actor/musician Darren Criss as his guest mentor.  Lindsay and Zae threw each other kisses before they sang.  John called it a powerful duet; adding that seeing them soar together was a sight to behold.  Kelsea called it an interesting song choice.  Nick called the performance a learning opportunity for them; adding that he was honoured to coach them.  Nick chose Zae as the winner of the battle.

In a video clip…
John paired Denisha Dalton and Ciana Pelekai for a battle with Ciana taking the win.

In the final battle of the night, Kelly paired Corey Ward and Savanna Woods for a battle of “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac.  Savanna said that they expected to be paired together for a battle.  In rehearsals, Kelly said that she has never seen two people more destined to form a band.  Luis called them the real deal.  Blake said that they both did great.  Nick called them both special artists.  John noted that it appeared both singers loved being on the stage.  Kelsea said that they made the song their own.  Kelsea chose Corey as the winner of the battle.  Kelsea pushed her button to save Savanna after getting a text from Kelly.

Next week the battles will conclude.

Battle Round winners:
Team Kelly:
Ryleigh Modig
Avery Robertson – steal
Gihanna Zoe
Corey Ward
Savanna Woods – save

Team Legend:
Gean Garcia – steal
Pia Renee
Zania Make
Ciana Pelekai

Team Blake:
Connor Christian
Ethan Lively
Cam Anthony
Emma Caroline – save
Jordan Matthew Young

Team Nick:
Dana Monique
Devin Blake Jones – save
Jose Figueroa Jr
Keegan Ferrell – steal

Zae Romeo