The Blind Auditions are over and the teams are full on “The Voice”. Now it is time for the Battle Rounds.

When the coaches go to take their chairs, the guys – Nick, John, and Blake – notice something is wrong…Kelly is missing. Kelly is under the weather and has asked former mentor Kelsey Ballarini to sit in for her. Host Carson Daly said that her not feeling well is not Covid related but NBC has some strict protocols and Kelly is watching from home.

Kelly brought in Luis Fonsi as a mentor. Fonsi has been a mentor and a coach in several of the South American countries. Kelly has paired Dominican born Gean Garcia and Ryleigh Modig for a battle of the Ariana Grande song “pov”. Blake questioned why Kelly paired the two together. Nick said that Ryleigh is the kind of person he would like to write songs with. John recalled that he did not turn for either singer and is now questioning himself. Kelsey said that Kelly is sad that she couldn’t be there. Kelsey calls Kelly; she told Kelsey that she didn’t think either singer was going home. Kelsey chose Ryleigh as the winner of the battle. John and Nick pushed their buttons to steal Gean. Nick noted that he did push his button for Gean but was blocked by Blake. Gean chose to join Team Legend. And John is still singing for his team members.

Blake brought in Dan + Shay as his mentors for this season. Blake has paired Connor Christian and Aaron Konzalman for a battle of a Waylon Jennings song.In rehearsals Blake noted that there is no one like either one of the guys on the show. The guys rocked the stage and had everyone clapping along. Nick called the battle a “barn burner”. John said that he had a fun time listening to the performance. Kelsey said that the song choice was perfect. Blake questioned how either one of the guys could do anything else besides music. Blake chose Connor as the winner of the battle.

Nick brought in friend and “Glee” star Darren Criss to be his mentor. Nick paired Devin Blake Jones and Dana Monique for a battle of “Stuck With You” by Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber. Blake called the battle a “knockout”. Kelsey said that she forgot she was supposed to take notes; adding that she just enjoyed it. Nick said that it was a tough battle. Nick chose Dana as the winner of the battle. Nick pushed his button to save Devin Blake Jones; saying that he deserves to stay on the show. Devin was very emotional when he heard the news.

John brought in Brandy to help mentor his team. John has paired Christine Cain and Pia Renee to perform a Brandy song. Brandy was excited to see what the girls did with her song. Brandy noted that she was just 16 when she recorded “Baby”; adding that the girls are doing the adult version of the song and she wants to sing the song like them. Kelsey said that is felt like a “sass off”. Nick noted that both singers were naturals. John chose Pia as the winner of the battle.

Nick’s next pairing was Awari and Jose Figueroa J for a battle of “You Say” by Lauren Daigle. John called it a very tough decision. Kelsey was impressed, calling both guys incredible. Nick called the performance phenomenal; adding that it took him to church. Saying that it was a tough choice, Nick chose Jose as the winner of the battle.

Blake paired up Avery Robertson and Ethan Lively for “Just Got Started Lovin’ You”. Nick said that the guys made him feel like he had a high voice. John called it an inviting performance. Kelsey said that felt like she was being serenaded. Noting that it was a tough song, Blake noted he uses the battles to push people out of their comfort zones. Blake chose Ethan as the winner of the battle. Kelsey pushed her button to steal Avery after getting a text from Kelly.

Battle Round winners:
Team Kelly:
Ryleigh Modig
Avery Robertson – steal

Team Legend:
Gean Garcia – steal
Pia Renee

Team Blake:
Connor Christian
Ethan Lively

Team Nick:
Dana Monique
Devin Blake Jones – save
Jose Figueroa Jr