Last week the singers who earned a golden ticket on “American Idol” all gathered in Hollywood for a genre round and a duet round.

This week, those who have survived Hollywood Week, will participate in the Showstopper round for a spot in the top 24.

Katy and Luke will be watching the performances live; but due to a possible Covid-19 exposure, Lionel is watching the festivities from his home.

The singers learn their fate after they sing in the pre-recorded show.

Alyssa Wray got the night of music started off with a song from “The Color Purple”.  When Alyssa hit a high note, Lionel said, “Boom!”.  Her performance brought Katy and Luke to their feet and Lionel saying yes, yes ,yes.  Katy felt that there were too many vocal gymnastics.  Katy and Luke told Alyssa that she has the talent but she over does it.  Alyssa is the first singer in the top 24.

Next up it was Jason Warrior with an Imagine Dragons song.  Lionel kept shouting, “that’s what I’m talking about.”  The judges were on their feet and Luke called the performance unbelievable.  Katy noted that Jason should harness his voice.  Lionel delivered the news to Jason over the internet; saying that at times Jason has a tendency to overdo.  And with that Jason learned that he is in the top 24.  Jason was very emotional when he heard the news.

Country boy Alex Miller was the next to learn his fate after performing “Silver Wings”.  Luke noted that Alex is hard not to watch.  Katy felt that it wasn’t a great performance.  Luke told Alex to work on carving out who Alex is because right now he is too wrapped up in the older artists.  Alex did not make it to the top 24.  Alex agreed with what Luke said and thanked them.  Alex said that it wasn’t the end but the beginning.  Back home Alex got a video call from Luke Bryan and Alex will be performing on the Grand Ole Opry stage.

Andrea Valles sang The Weeknd hit “Blinding Lights”.  Katy noted that she chose the wrong song  Lionel revealed that Andrea that it wasn’t a great performance and announced that Andrea is in the top 24.

Chayce Beckham was told that he was a top five after his audition.  He chose a Chris Stapleton song for his showstopper performance.  Katy felt that Chayce made a bad song choice.  Katy noted that there was something about Chayce, but showstoppers was not his best moment.  Chayce agreed and said that was regretful and should have chosen a different song.  Chayce is in the top 24.  Chayce said that his heart was beating out of his chest after hearing the news.

Caleb Kennedy barely squeezed by after his duet performance and changed his song choice from Travis Tritt to an original song for his Showstopper performance.  Katy felt that the “whole package” was not quite ready.  Luke noted that Caleb’s original song was good but not great.  Katy told Caleb not to second guess himself.  Luke revealed that Caleb made it to the top 24.

Wyatt Pike chose a George Ezra song for his showstopper performance.  Lionel said that he loved Wyatt’s Style.  Katy noted that Wyatt has had some incredible growth since the audition.  Noting that they have some big voices, Luke reveals that Wyatt has earned a spot in the top 24; adding not to change anything, to stay himself.

Cassandra Coleman called her duet performance with Wyatt Pike her best yet.  She chose an Auroa song for her showstopper performance and brought Katy and Luke to their feet.  Katy said that she did a nice job.  Katy said that Cassandra reminds her of Florence from Florence and the Machine; adding that Cassandra has something unique.  Saying that they don’t want to see her go, Luke announced that Cassandra is in the top 24.  She asked them how they have so much confidence.  Katy told her to trust herself.

Amanda Mena got the news from Lionel via video after singing “All By Myself” in her showstopper performance.  Katy said that she wants Amanda to figure out who she is.  She got a no from Lionel.

“Viking” Anthony Guzman also got his news form Lionel after singing Maroon 5 for his showstopper performance.  Lionel also gave Anthony a no for the top 24.

Beane had mixed feelings about his Hollywood Week performances.  He chose a Marvin Gaye song for his showstopper performance noting that there were singers in the competition who could sing circles around him but felt that if he could connect with the song, he could win over the fans.  He had Katy dancing in her chair and brought the judges to their feet.  Calling it a beautiful day in the neighbourhood, Lionel gave the news that Beane is in the top 24.

Hannah Everheart has never performed with a band but chose to sing “Wrecking Ball” for her showstopper performance.  Katy said that there was something there; Luke added that he wasn’t sure if she was all the way there yet.  Telling Hannah to do the work, Katy told the 17 year old that she is in the top 24.  Hannah promised to bring Katy a full slab of ribs the next she sees her.

Pilot Graham Defranco dedicated his showstopper performance to his dad who was recently diagnosed with stomach cancer.  Luke wasn’t crazy about the song choice.  Katy told Graham that he was as good as all of them.  Luke noted that they have an amazing group of talent this year…and Graham is one of them.

After mixed views from his various performances Murphy chose an original song for his showstopper performance.  Murphy has visual disabilities and is frequently getting comments to make more visual contact in his performances.  Katy said that he has grown before their eyes.  He called his showstopper performance a birthday wish answered.  On his birthday, Murphy learns that the judges believe in him but needs more experience.  Saying that he has something special, Katy revealed that Murphy is not moving on to the top 24.

Teens Casey Bishop and Alanis Sophia learned their fates together.  Luke noted that Alanis surprises them; adding that he has thrown around the top 10 during auditions with Casey but felt she walked through the motions during her duet performance.  Katy told Alanis to stop trying to ace the test. 

The show ended just before Luke made his announcement.  That news and the revelation of the remainder of the top 24 will air on a special Monday episode.

The Top 24:
Alyssa Wray
Jason Warrior
Andrea Valles
Chayce Beckham
Caleb Kennedy
Wyatt Pike
Cassandra Coleman
Hannah Everheart
Graham Defranco