With the global pandemic occupying much of our lives over the past year, we have forgotten there are many other issues in our lives. May is National Nurses Month and June is National Cancer Surviros Month.

Beginning May 6 – National Nurses Day -, singer, songwriter, and nurse Megan Palmer will release a song each week from her new EP beginning with “Take Good Care”.

The album features vintage guitar arpeggios and soul harmonies in this roots music album.

A talented multi instrurmentalist herself, Palmer provides the vocals, violin, guitar, and keyboards on the album; while Jack Lawrence provides the bass, Megan Colman plays drums, JJ Tourville plays the guitar and pedal steel, and Derry DeBorja plays the synth and organ.

Palmer first sat down at the piano when she was just six years old. Since that time she has recorded and released over half a dozen albums.

A cancer survivor herself, Palmer works in the Pallative Care Unit at Vanderbilt Medical Center in Nashville.

Palmer spoke on her new album saying, “the EP commemorates this past year as a time capsule that we will never forget. Caring for each other and ourselves in these times is imperative to surviving as a nurse when there is so much turmoil.”

“Take Good Care” will be available for streaming, as a digital download, and on limited edition CD.

The tracklisting for “Take Good Care”:
“Take Good Care”
“Wide Awake”
“Stop for a Minute”
“Dance of Caring Souls”
“New Way to Be”

Feature photo credit: Silver Sal PR and Laura Schneider