The past year has been rough on everyone but especially members of the entertainment world. While all live performances have been put on hold for the foreseeable future, musicians have been finding ways to keep themselves busy; whether it be writing, recording, or streaming.

On May 28th Seattle based musician Beth Whitney will release “Into the Ground”.

The new album is the first release in four years.

Whitney released her first album – “Leave Your Shoes” in 2007 and earned herself some radio airplay around the Seattle area. Since that first album she has released “Yellow”, “Ukulele”, a self-titled album, “The Banner Days”, “Hand Me a Hymnal”, and “The Wild Unrest”.

She married long time friend Aaron Fishburn in 2008; the couple had their first child in 2013 and added a second child in 2017.

Her accomplishments include songwriting awards and an appearance at Lincoln Center in New York City.

The tracklisting for “Into the Ground”:
“Wild Roses”
“Two Sons”
“Wild Horse”
“In Another Life”
“Whole Heart”
“Shelter from the Storm”
“I Go”
“You Leave a Light On”

feature photo credit: courtesy of IVPR