It’s the final night of auditions on “American Idol”. And on the biggest night in music with the annual Grammy Awards the final group of singers are loooking for that golden ticket and a trip to Hollywood.

Madison Watkins gets the night of auditions started off with an original song abut her dad while he sands outside the room with his ear to the door. Lionel loves the timbre of her voice. Luke called Madison the whole package. Katy called Madison the fresh off the bus Brittney Spears; adding that she is what they are looking for on Idol. Madison got her golden ticket to Hollywood with three yeses.

Some of the singing hopefuls were also big Katy Perry fans and bit more than star struck when they came into the audition room.

Liv Grace Blue brought her guitar for her audition. A big Katy Perry fan, she sang one of Katy’s songs.

Ava August is a singer songwriter and played the piano for her audition.

Both girls got their tickets to Hollywood.

Jackson State University tuba player Deshaun Gonclaves sang “Everything Must Change” while playing the piano for his audition. Lionel called the performance powerful; adding that God saw fit to put him in front of them. Katy called the performance magical. Luke called Deshaun wonderful. He got three yeses and his ticket to Hollywood.

In a series of clips, Alana and Cameron, sports players and singers got their tickets to Hollywood. The only member of the family not to play in a sports family, Tryzdin Grubbs had Luke concerned about the confidence. Lionel said that there was something there but needed some more confidence. Luke wanted to hear another song. Tryzdin brought the judges to their feet with the song. Luke’s only advice was to get some confidence. Tryzdin got his ticket to Hollywood with three yeses.

Andrea Valles sang “Landslide” for her audition while playing the guitar and had the judges saying very good. While Katy liked her voice, she wasn’t sure. Luke called her an unpolished diamond. Katy started talking and Andrea launched into another song. Lionel said that she needs to create magic in front of them. With a reluctant yes from Katy, Andrea got her ticket to Hollywood.

Registered nurse Kiko had to bring in a little help on guitar – his brother Francisco Martin who auditioned last year. Kiko performed a song by another Idol alum, Alejandro. Katy called the performance interesting; adding that he needs a little work. Lionel gave Kiko a yes but Luke agreed that Kiko had some work to do.

Making a return to Idol, Zachary D’Onofrio sang “Golden Slumbers” for his auditon while playing the piano. Katy said that Zach was like a math equation on the board. Katy wanted to hear more so Zach brought in his girlfriend to help – Catie Turner, another Idol alum. Katy said that Zach was with the right Catie. Luke said that Zach needs to pour on the gas. Katy noted that Zach reminds her of a turtle. Lionel said that ach needs to come out of his shell. Katy was a yes with a ? mark and the guys made it unanimous. Zach is going to Hollywood.

Helen Blondel sang a duet with her sock puppet. She was just one of some no clips.

Brianna’s sister posted a Tik Tok video of her that went viral. On the night before her audition Brianna ended up in the hospital due to her Cystic Fibrosis. Fortunately, the audition was rescheduled and she impressed the judges with her audition of a Pink song. Lionel loved the texture of her voice. Luke noted that there were a few things he would like to work on with her; adding that she knocked it out of the park. Brianna got three yeses and her ticket to Hollywood.

Friends Danny Falco and Colin Jamieson are best friends and former boy band mates. Katy said that the performance felt a little put on. Luke noted that Danny has a good singing voice but isn’t using it properly. Lionel agreed that Danny has a great voice; adding that Idol doesn’t seem to be his destination. Danny got three nos from the judges. Luke said that Colin has a great voice but was concerned about all the breathes. Lionel said that there was something in Colin’s voice. Colin got yeses from all three of the judges and a ticket to Hollywood.

Vahhley chose a Whitney Houston song for her audition and brought Katy to her feet. Luke said that her singing is really good. She brought her toddler son into the room and he was running all over the place. Katy told Vahhley to believe in herself and gave her a yes. Luke and Lionel made it unanimous and Vahhley got her ticket to Hollywood.

Steven Paul chose a Brooks and Dunn song for his audition and had Luke joining in. Lionel called it something really special. Steven got a no from the judges because they felt he was a bit of an imitation.

Busker and songwriter Wyatt Pike sang an original song for his audition. Wyatt even brought his busking suitcase to the audition. Luke said that Wyatt was a twin of his high school bass player; adding that Wyatt is totally unique. Katy said that nerves got to Wyatt. Lionel called Wyatt a fabulous storyteller. Wyatt got yeses from all three of the judges. Luke put the golden ticket in Wyatt’s suitcase.

Jackson Snelling used to watch Idol when he was a child and now is auditioning for the show with an original song. Katy said that Jackson has a good voice; adding that he needs some experience. She said that there is something special in there. Lionel was impressed with Jackson; adding that he agrees with Katy that Jackson needs more experience. Lionel told Jackson to work a little more and come back.

In the final Idol audition for 2021, Althea Grace chose an original song for her audition. Luke loved the tone of Althea’s voice; adding that she has some Stevie Nicks qualities to her voice. Lionel said that Althea has something in her voice but needs to work on the confidence. Katy said that Althea needs to work on the fire. Althea got yeses from all three of the judges and her ticket to Hollywood.

Next week Hollywood Week begins…filled with challenges and curveballs.