Over the years professional sports has seen players who could easily be stars in more than one sport.

After winning the Heisman Trophy as a quarterback for the Florida State Seminoles, Charlie Ward made his professional career as a basketball player.  Deion Sanders played professional baseball and football and Michael Jordan played baseball and basketball.

The most recent star to shine in more than one sport is Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Mookie Betts who demonstrated his prowess for yanking balls out of the air all season long.

He bowled a perfect game during a PBA World Series of Bowling tournament and has shown his skills at catching footballs.

And now if he chooses, Betts can add another professional sport to his list of accomplishments…that of a basketball player!

In their annual (not so real) draft the Harlem Globetrotters selected Mookie Betts to join the team.

In high school, Mookie Betts was a star at Overton High School in Nashville where he was one of the best passers and ball stealers in the league; as well as, averaging over 14 points per game.  And Betts didn’t let his small size of five foot nine inches hold him back from dunking a ball.

Seattle Seahawks star quarterback Russell Wilson was also drafted to the Globetrotters.