“The Voice” premieres a new season with Blake, Gwen Kelly, and John for number 19.

With a ban on large crowds, there is no live audience this season; but “The Voice” has brought in a virtual audience from all over the country.

Tamara gets the blind auditions started off.  Coming from a musical family, Tamara has shared the stage with Lizzo.  Three notes into her audition, Tamara had Kelly and John turning their chairs and up dancing.  It took a while but Gwen and Blake eventually joined them for the first four chair turn of the season.  Kelly said that Tamara was incredible; adding that she will be in the finale.  Kelly noted that Tamara moved people.  Blake thins that Tamara can win and wants her on his team.  John noted that Tamara can do everything.  Gwen, who said that she has been doing this for a long time, noted that she could help Tamara wither her rap/singing.  Saying that it is a lot harder than she thought it would be, Tamara chose John to be her coach.

Farm girl Lauren Frihauf took on Melissa Etheridge for her audition and got John and Gwen to turn their chairs.  Kelly noted that it was not what she expected.  Gwen could not believe that Lauren is just 16; adding Lauren is like her dream job on the show.  Kelly campaign’s for Gwen.  John noted that he is picky but was the first to turn his chair; adding that Lauren has so much potential.  Lauren chose Gwen to be her coach.

Joseph Soul comes from Maui has been DJ’ing since he was 12 years old but is ready to launch a solo career.  He put his own spin on a Bib Marley song for his audition.  John and Kelly are singing along.  Blake and Kelly finally turned their chairs near the end of the song.  They said that they were shocked it wasn’t a four chair turn.  Kelly called Joseph an incredibly talented artist.  Blake points out all of his wins – seven of them.  Joseph chose Kelly to be his coach.

Kelly and Gwen have gifts for their team members.

Ian Flanigan is a full time musician who tours the country and lives in an RV with his wife and daughter.  Singing “Colder Weather”, Ian plays the guitar as he sings.  Blake has his band on his button for a while before he finally turns his chair.  Blake asked where the long beard and big hat are?  John said that Ian has some richness in his voice.  Gwen added that Ian sounds like he is already on a record.  Kelly said that she thinks Ian is very talented.

Blake has a carboard cutout of himself for the artists to shake his hand or hug.

Hailey Green is only 14 and has been playing football since she was five years old and sings the National Anthem at her own football games.  She performs the Allman Brothers song “Soul Shine” for her audition but fails to turn any chairs.  The coaches were shocked when they first saw her.  Kelly told her to come back.  Blake said that she is about a year away from being able to compete in a competition like “The Voice”.

Jim Ranger is a third generation pastor and has been singing since he was very small.  Jim said that he has his wife were born in the same hospital by the same doctor about a week apart.  It only took a couple of measures before John turned his chair; Gwen wasn’t very far behind him.  Near the end of Jim’s rendition of a Keith Urban song, Blake turned his chair.  Kelly noted that she should have turned.  John said that he could feel the spirit.  Gwen talks about all her musical styles; saying that she could feel Jim’s vibe.  John called Jim a great musician.  Blake noted that he liked the build in the song.  Jim chose Blake to be his coach.  Blake starts singing and Jim joins him.

Eli Zamora was born in the U.S. but grew up in Mexico and used music to help him learn English when his family moved to America.  Eli is a gondolier in Las Vegas.  He gave his audition in Spanish. Kelly turned her chair.  Kelly said that he was so great; adding he had so much passion.  Gwen said that Eli was great.  Blake said that he didn’t think he was right to be Eli’s coach. 

Kelly was impressed with Payge Turner’s low notes but it was Blake who was the first person to turn his chair; Gwen joined him near the end of the audition.  Payge was born in Trinidad and Tobago but moved to the U.S. when she was 13.  Kelly noted that Payge has so much power for someone so little.  Gwen said that she turned because she was impressed with Payge’s voice.  Blake said that Payge was not just an artist but an incredible performer.  Payge chose Gwen to be her coach.  Payge even caught the shirt that Gwen shot at her with the T-shirt shooter.

Corey Ward said that his mom loves the show and is trying out for the show for her.  Performing since he was a teen, Corey had the virtual fans cheering but failed to turn any of the coach’s chairs.  Gwen like the growl and tone in Corey’s voice but said it felt linear.  Kelly noted some pitch issues.  John said that Corey had a powerful voice but had some control issues.

Marisa Corvo comes from a big Italian family and has been playing piano since she was very small.  She chose “Perfect” by P!ink for her audition as she played the keyboard.  Near the end of the song Blake and Gwen pushed their buttons with Kelly joining in at the end.  Kelly called it an amazing finish; adding that Marisa has range for days.  Gwen said that Marisa has range and power.  Blake said that he thinks he is the right coach because he has been on the show for a long time.  With the conversation moving to Italian sauce, Blake compares himself to the tomatoes.  Marisa chose Kelly to be her coach.

In the final audition of the night, John pushed his button three words into “Misty”.  After a while Kelly turned her chair and had a very shocked look on her face.  Gwen turned her chair and was also shocked.  In what they thought was a female’s voice, they found John Holiday.  John used his one block on Kelly.  Holiday told John that he is an opera singer.  Kelly said that Holiday has an incredible range.  Gwen called Holiday incredible.  Saying that he is honoured they turned for him, Holiday chose John Legend to be his coach.

Team Legend:
Tamara Jade
John Holiday

Team Gwen:
Lauren Frihauf

Team Kelly:
Joseph Soul
Eli Zamora
Marisa Corvo

Team Blake:
Ian Flanigan
Jim Ranger