This week on “Dancing with the Stars”, the eleven remaining couples will perform; along with a special performance from six time Mirror Ball trophy winner and current judge Derek Hough.

After his near perfect score last week, Johnny and Britt get the night of dancing started off with a Salsa to “On the Floor” by Jennifer Lopez.  Derek said that JLo would be very proud; adding it was a great way to start the show.  Bruno said that Johnny worked it for all its worth; adding that it was a great performance but the style wasn’t quite right.  Carrie Ann said that it wasn’t Johnny’s best dance; adding that she wanted the dance to be more earthy and grounded.  Johnny and Britt scored 22 points for their dance.

Nev and Jenna take on a Jazz routine to “Good Vibrations” by Marky Mark.  Bruno called the dance deliciously bonkers; saying he didn’t know what it was but it worked.  Carrie Ann said that the dance was amazing; adding that they had every Jazz step in the routine.  Derek noted that the duo was clean and together the whole time.  Nev and Jenna scored 26 points for their dance.

Monica and Val perform a Rumba to “Have I Told You Lately” by Sir Rod Stewart.  Monica dedicated the dance to her husband Chris.  Carrie Ann kept saying wow; adding that Monica has come into her own.  Derek said that there was a softness about Monica’s performance; adding that he loved the Rumba.  Bruno called it a classic Rumba; adding that it had the right amount of romance and sensuality.  Monica and Val scored 27 points for their dance.

Skai and Alan dance a Cha Cha to “Say So” by Doja Cat and Nicki Minaj.  Derek noted that things happen and commended Skai for recovering and kept going.  Bruno said that accidents happen but she handled it as best she could.  Carrie Ann said that what Skai did performed was her best.  Skai and Alan scored 18 points for their dance.

Vernon and Peta danced a Cha Cha to “Celebration” by Kool and the Gang.  Vernon dedicated the dance to his grandfather who passed away last September.  Bruno called the performance very bright and colourful; adding that he had the right feel for the dance.  Carrie Ann enjoys watching Vernon dance; adding that has an ease about him.  Derek said that gives Vernon a 10 for the joy; adding he was smooth and strong.  Vernon and Peta scored 21 points for their dance.

Nelly and Daniella channel their Country music vibe when they dance a Viennese Waltz to “Humble and Kind” by Tim McGraw.  Carrie Ann was speechless; she noted that there was something beautiful happening.  Derek said that Nelly was incredibly masculine; adding that it was wonderful.  Bruno called Nelly inspired and endearing.  Nelly and Daniella scored 24 points for their dance.

Taking a break from the competition, Derek Hough pairs up with his girlfriend Hailey for a performance of Latin dance styles including the Tango, Paso Doble, and Flamenco.

The competition continues with Jeannie and Brandon dancing a Rumba to the music of Deseree.  Derek called the dance really really good and sensual.  Bruno said that dance had so much passion.  Carrie Ann called Jeannie stunning; adding that she gives on everything she does.  Jeannie and Brandon scored 25 points for their dance.

AJ and Cheryl danced a Samba to the music of JBalvin.  Bruno called AJ solid; adding he always delivers.  Carrie Ann felt is was a breakthrough for AJ.  Derek noted that AJ shook; adding that it was so much fun to watch and well done.  AJ and Cheryl scored 27 points for their dance.

Chrishell and Gleb dance a Contemporary routine to the music of Grace Potter.  Carrie Ann said that Chrishell poured her heart and soul into the dance.  Derek called Chrishell extraordinary; adding that he felt the dance.  Bruno called the dance so emotionally engaging; adding she gave everything she had.  Chrishell and Gleb scored 24 points for their dance.

Kaitlyn and Artem dance a Samba to the music of Justin Bieber.  Derek called the dance fantastic.  Bruno called it a first class Samba; adding that Kaitlyn made it look elegant.  Carrie Ann said that the dance was well executed but wasn’t impressed.  Kaitlyn and Artem scored 27 points for their dance.

Closing out the night of dancing are Justina and  Sasha with a Viennese Waltz to “She’s Always a Woman” by Billy Joel.  Bruno noted that tonight has been a fantastic show and thanked the pro dancers.  He called Justina smooth ans silk and light as a feather.  Carrie Ann called Justin a refined and elegant; adding that she is a beautiful dancer.  Derek called Justina reliable and consistent; adding that she floated across the floor.  Justina and Sasha scored 27 points for their dance.

Top eleven scores:
Skai and Alan – 18
Vernon and Peta – 21
Johnny and Britt – 22
Nelly and Daniella – 24
Chrishell and Gleb – 24
Jeannie and Brandon – 25
Nev and Jenna – 26
Monica and Val – 27
AJ and Cheryl – 27
Kaitlyn and Artem – 27
Justina and Sasha – 27

Now that all the couples have performed, it is time for the results…
Nelly and Daniella
Jeannie and Brandon
Monica and Val
Chrishell and Gleb
AJ and Cheryl
Justina and Sasha
Kaitlyn and Artem
Nev and Jenna
and Skai and Alan

Johnny and Britt and Vernon and Peta are in the bottom and in danger of going home.

Derek chose to save Johnny and Britt
Carrie Ann chose to save Vernon and Peta
With the deciding vote, Bruno chose to save Johnny and Britt

Vernon and Peta have been eliminated from the competition.

Next week get ready for Halloweeen!