From the moment it first went on the air Gene Roddenberry’s vision known as “Star Trek” has shattered stereotypes and broken down barriers; whether it be the first actress of colour cast in a non-traditional role and the first interracial kiss in the original series to the introduction of androgynous characters on “The Next Generation” and same sex couples.

Continuing that tradition of groundbreaking characters, the newest series in the “Star Trek” franchise “Discovery” has cast some new characters to season three of the series.  Ian Alexander, who came out as transgender in 2014, joins the cast as the transgender character Gray – a non-blended Trill – and Blue Del Barrio has been cast as the non binary character Adira.

In 1992, “Star Trek: The Next Generation” aired an episode title “The Outcast” where the Enterprise crew encountered a planet of androgynous people who were neither male or female. 

The series, which begins on CBS All Access on October 15, includes the first woman of colour in a lead role and a same sex couple.  While not a major role, in “Star Trek: Beyond” there was a brief scene where Sulu met his same sex partner and daughter on the space station.

feature photo credit: Star Trek Discovery Facebook page