The global pandemic has brought live music performances to a halt, but the music hasn’t stopped.

Artists have continued to record music and set album releases.

Warren Givens has released “Rattle the Cages” – an album he completed recording while under quarantine.  An album in two parts, the album features the same songs performed as a rock version and again at the opposite end of the spectrum as a stripped down acoustic roots version.

Fans of the competition reality shows like “American Idol” are familiar with hearing the same song in a variety of versions.

Givens spoke on the album saying, “the balance between the two versions was very important because folk music is at the core of everything that I do.  So, while wanting to venture into new waters with the full band versions, I felt it was necessary to keep the reminder of my musical roots.”

He added, “this record means saying ‘screw it’ by throwing out my fears and trusting myself in a way that I’ve never experienced before.  I set out to simultaneously write and record the most natural songs I could muster, and also to record them in a way that pushes the envelope while mirroring my evolving influences.”

Previously, Warren Givens has been a part of the Sheep Canyon Rangers and has performed with Miranda Lambert


feature photo credit: Warren Givens Facebook page