When a journalist asks an artist about their source of inspiration for songs, the answer usually has something to do with the world around them.  But New Age artist Kevin Keller puts a whole new meaning to that answer with the music from his upcoming 12th album “The Front Porch of Heaven”.

Birds flying to the light. Successful concept. Leadership and fellowship concept.

Set for a September 18 release, Keller has channeled his time on the operating table during open heart surgery which included him being on a life support system while his heart was deliberately stopped!

Keller has put into music his journey of the experience itself and the relief of when it was all over and he had survived.

The ambient music composer has been creating music for over 25 years by mixing neo-classical and electronic sounds to create a sound to soothe the soul or provide a pleasant background for work or play.

An introduction to Tangerine Dream led to the piano and teaching himself to read music before launching on a career that has put the award winning composer in a class all his own.

Keller has branched out, creating works for ballet companies, writing for film and television, and the dance reality competition show “So You Think You Can Dance” has used one of Keller’s songs on the show.

photos courtesy of EMPKT and Kevin Keller