In this time of the Covid-19 pandemic, millions of people are out of work with tens of thousands dead, and thousands more are on the front lines caring for those who have become ill.

Lyons, Georgia Thomas Edgeworth, and Heidi Raye have penned an anthem for all of the front line workers – doctors, nurses, first responders, and police officers; and even truck drivers, postal workers, grocery, gas and pharmacy store clerks, janitors, security, farmers, warehouse workers, government, and CDC workers – titled “Brave Enough”.   Lyons says that the song honours all of those who are brave day in and day out serving on the front lines.

“Brave Enough” is available on Spotify and is set to be released to radio stations across the nation on May 5.

Believing that music is a healing power, Lyons said, “it (the song) speaks to everyone from parents home with their children, teachers helping to continue to educate online. To all the workers who have been laid off and feeling the economic impact. And most of all, to the ones who have lost a love one. We all have to be brave enough to keep going and we’re in this together.”  He adds, “I hope ‘Brave Enough’ reminds people to hang in there, have faith, hope – like my favorite line in the songs says ‘you got my back and you know I’ve got yours.’ We are all in this together and I encourage everyone to be strong, take it day by day and be brave enough!”