American Idol” travels to Hawaii for a showcase of the remaining 40 singers in a program that was shot back in January before the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus in the United States.

By the end of the showcase half of the singers will be eliminated from the competition as they work their way to the live shows and the fan vote.

Up first was Nick Merico, someone that Lionel didn’t like because he thought Nick was too arrogant. Nick sang a Bruno Mars song for his showcase. Admitting something has changed in him, Lionel announced that Nick is the first person in the top 20.

Makayla Brownley sang an Ingrid Andress song for her showcase. Lionel felt that she was too hyped up when she went on the stage and Luke announced that Makayla did not make it into the top 20.

Dewayne Crocker put his own spin on the smash hit “Old Town Road” for his showcase performance. Lionel noted that they had been wrestling with Dewayne; adding it was a hard decision but he is moving on to the top 20. Katy praised his showcase performance.

Camryn Leigh Smith chose “Break Every Chain” for her showcase. Katy thought that Camryn has a cool voice but Lionel didn’t feel the connection. Camryn did not make the top 20.

A storm popped up while the judges were delivering the news of the final judgement.

Devon Alexander, Jordan Jones, and Geena all failed to make the cut and are going home.

English born singer Louis Knight chose to perform the Sheeran song “Castle on the Hill” for his showcase. In true Hawaiian fashiion, Louis performed in bare feet. Katy noted that it wasn’t Louis’ best performance saying that he was too much in his head and needs to sing from the heart. Saying they have a bet on him, Louis made it into the top 20.

Fransisco Martin chose the Harry Stiles song “Falling” for his showcase and impressed the judges enough to make it into the top 20.

Jovin Webb impressed the judges in his audition with “Whipping Post” and hoped to repeat it with “You Are the Best Thing” in his showcase performance. Luke said that Jovin has a lot of signature star qualities and after scaring him, Lionel announced that Jovin is in the top 20.

Faith Becnel chose a Chaka Khan song for her showcase. Luke called Faith intriguing and fun; adding that her showcase was not a step up for her. Despite the remarks, Faith made it to the top 20.

Amber Fiedler was nine month pregnant when she auditioned – she gave birth three weeks after her audition. Katy has been fighting for Amber since her audition but that faith came to an end when Luke announced that Amber would not be moving on to the top 20.

Subway singer Just Sam sang a Selena song in Spanish for her showcase and had Katy on her feet. Sam is not a Spanish speaker. Luke called the performance impressive. Sam is in the top 20.

After originally coming to an audition to support girlfriend Margie Mays, Jonny West is now alone after the elimination of Margie and is feeling the nerves. Jonny chose a song by the Fray for his showcase and brought the judges to their feet. Katy called Jonny a serious artist but noted he is also playing the self sabotage game. Telling Jonny that he is no longer in the top 40, Katy said that he is in the top 20.

Dillon James chose a Bob Dylan song for his showcase – “The Times They are A-Changin’” – for his showcase, noting that it is appropriate for the time. Lionel noted that Dillon has emerged from a tunnel…but he will have to wait until next week to get the results.

The top 20:
Nick Merico
Dewayne Crocker
Louis Knight
Francisco Martin
Jovin Webb
Faith Becnel
Just Sam (Diaz)
Jonny West